black & white

black & white - Image credit: Daniel Wiesenfeld

shredded seaweed on steamed rice or any kind of foods
shapes of gray
the microcosm of one single string struck on the piano, reverberating
fabric and the delicacy of underwear
multilayered cardboard
black cut-outs
sheets of glass
a distance to the white background
a broken poetry of fine lingerie
a bed, a chair, a table
silkscreen print
an arising rhythm, accelerating into a state of trance
the shadow
what do you weave with wool so white?

Artists exhibited: Detlef Baltrock, Howard Katz, Jürgen Kellig, Magda Korsinsky, Ute Ludwig,
Kurihara Takuya, Marc Travanti, Yoann Trellu, Daniel Wiesenfeld, Ruth Wiesenfeld

Fri, 17 Jul, 18.00h
17 Jul 201526 Jul 2015

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