Bisagra — Fashion Week

Bisagra is a platform that functions as a meeting point in the fragmented world of the visual arts in Lima, and the region, creating connections between its different manifestations, as well as other areas of research and creation. 
For their project at Kinderhook & Caracas, Bisagra is developing a subverted maquila-inspired process as a format for collaboration between artists in Lima and Berlin.  A maquila is a manufacturing operation in which raw materials are imported into a country under tariff-free conditions for processing (most often taking advantage of cheap labor) and then reexported for assembly elsewhere.  Fashion Week first entails a workshop in Lima in which artists will discuss and collaboratively design and cut the patterns for a series of fake fur coats.  The pieces will be sent to Berlin with no instructions of how to assemble them.  A second workshop will then be organized at Kinderhook & Caracas in Berlin with a different group of artists who will interpret the patterns and finish the garments.  With the fur coats ready, a spectacular fashion show will be staged within the space, and the coats will be arranged on a display as wearable sculptures.
Bisagra is currently a project of Andrés Pereira Paz, Eliana Otta, Florencia Portocarrero, Iosu Aramburu, Juan Diego Tobalina and Miguel A. López.
Runway Show
27 SEP, 7pm
A run-way spectacular featuring maquila-made fur coats made in collaboration between artists in Berlin and Lima.
Thu, 27 Sep, 19.00h
22 Sep 201820 Oct 2018

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