Behold - Renata Har

L’Atelier-ksr is pleased to present Behold, a solo exhibition by represented artist Renata Har and curated by Marilia Loureiro.

After a solo show in Paris at the beginning of this year, Renata Har has returned to Berlin, where she currently lives and works. Behold can be considered a second stage in the artist’s Berlin tenure. Working with existing objects that tend to be overshadowed within the cursory glance, the artist expresses her interest in constructing visibility from almost nothing. Unnoticed stories, engraved in unnoticed materials: in Har’s work, narratives can linger or be traced through objects. Notions of impermanence and destruction constitute a central concern.
Although Har does not have a preferred material, paper plays an important role in these pieces, using various techniques to add another layer of dimensionality. More than testing its sculptural properties, Har uses paper as a medium for experimenting with the Duchampian idea of the tenuous interval between two elements – the infrathin. Thus, Har seeks to create ambiances where the latent tension produced by the encounter of objects is present.

Sat, 15 Nov, 18.00h
15 Nov 201415 Dec 2014

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