Barbara Probst

Barbara Probst, "Exposure #140: Munich, Nederlingerstrasse 68, 09.07.18, 5:13 p.m." 2018 Ultrachrome ink on cotton paper 3 parts: 112 x 75cm / 44 x 29 inches

Human vision can only take in one perspective, one position, or one viewpoint at a time, and ultimately only captures a single image framing. Everything else happening around us remains hidden to us. With the Exposures we leave this constricted perspective behind, thus expanding our way of seeing. With her approach to photography, Barbara Probst calls into question not only how we view the world but also photography’s supposed claim to depict reality and how we relate to it.

Barbara Probst most recent still lifes, shown for the first time in this exhibition, are intricately staged. The individual cameras are positioned precisely and the framing of the images is calculated. The question is, in what context the moment of exposure is embedded. A breakfast scene, an accident or a violant act ? What happened before and after the moment of exposure. As with all her Exposures, it is up to the viewer to discover these connections.

Fri, 15 Mar, 18.00h
15 Mar 201918 Apr 2019

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