B-LA Connect - Nothing Special

with Veronique D'Entremont, Mark Flores, Julienne Fusello, Will Wasserman, William E. Jones, Elle Perez and Frank J. Stockton

SomoS participates in "B-LA Connect," a international project in which 20 Art Spaces form LA engage in a cultural exchange with 22 Art Spaces in Berlin. SomoS hosts "Nothing Special," an 11 by 11 foot artist-run space based in West Adams, Los Angeles. Its exhibitions revolve around simple themes that make a virtue of the gallery’s limitations, featuring projects that either expand upon or exist in parallel to the participants’ usual artistic practice. Nothing Special’s mission is to promote the work of artists and to spark creative dialogues between members of Los Angeles’s art community. Each Nothing Special show is numbered in sequence for the duration of the series, and includes a limited edition 'zine intended to broaden the scope and reach of the conversation. Convinced that artistic merit should not be determined by commercial viability, Nothing Special works outside the mainstream gallery system in Los Angeles and encourages accessibility via an engaged social media presence.

Sat, 1 Jun, 18.00h21.00h
4 Jun 20199 Jun 2019

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