Archäologie einer möglichen Zukunft / Archaeology of a possible future

In “Archaeology of a Possible Future” Martin Schepers and Benedikt Terwiel present works that examine different temporalities of specific places that form part of our everyday environment.
Since 2017, Schepers has been documenting the transformation of a heavy industry area near Dortmund into suburban homes, using large-format collages and drawings to examine the changing social, aesthetic, and ideological framework of the newly designed landscape. Terwiel shows his photographic work „Hinterhof, Hasenheide 9“, a cartography of a Berlin backyard whose numerous fragments resulting from various alterations resemble a floor plan—its disparate structures representing the continuous transformation of the urban landscape.

Thu, 12 Jul, 19.00h
13 Jul 201829 Jul 2018

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