In their visual language Ruth Wiesenfeld and David Benforado share a musical approach to parameters such as tone, shape and texture. The exhibited works are silent, yet carry an echo of acoustic perception within themselves. David Benforado employs the elements of silence and pause as a point of departure to create room for contemplation in his paintings. Departing from Darkness as the antecedent of Light, he creates spaces on his canvases in which light is contained and released through the dark layers. The two large scale paintings in this show are from his current series “Night Light.” As a composer Ruth Wiesenfeld makes extensive use of visual elements in her scores to convey specific sound qualities to the performers. In her recent works these visuals have taken on a life of their own. The installation “there is a crack trough everything, that's how the light gets in” (Leonard Cohen) invites the visitors to walk through a scenery of ruptured paper rolls saturated with black chalk. A strange beauty resonates from its fragile, yet tenacious inhabitants which have withstood a long process of dissolution.

Fri, 27 May, 18.00h22.00h
27 May 20165 Jun 2016

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