Ana Hoffner : Doubling Past

Doubling Past opens trans-temporalities generating contingencies between transformative breaks and historically unredeemed possibilities of corporeal memory.

The Bacha Posh Project: An Archive On Drag In Times Of War (2016) constructs portraits, still lives, writings and mirror surfaces from the life and work of the Surrealist artist Aziza Mehran Ahmad. Based on retrospective embodiments The Bacha Posh Project presents the research of Ahmad with the performative indexes and imagery of gender ambiguous ways of life. From the archive emerges a past as a drag doppelganger of modernity, a past that has not become history (yet).

While memory and imagination migrates in The Bacha Posh Project from one body to the other as a trace of co-affects, the video installation After The Transformation (2013) proposes queer interruptions of history as an artistic strategy. The work relates a double transformation-gender transformation and the transformations after 1989. Its protagonist is a voice that is remembered in a body that previously did not know of it: A memory that makes possible the appropriation of another time.

Curated by Suza Husse

15/06 Ana Hoffner: Transferred Memories – Embodied Documents, Screening and Talk at ICI – Institute for Cultural Inquiry, 7 pm

Thu, 9 Jun, 19.00h
10 Jun 201630 Jul 2016

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