Alexander Iskin - Apple sauce in paradise


The liberation or the digital suicide of Alexander Iskin

Alexander Iskin made quite an impression during the last gallery weekend, in his solo show Reality Express at SEXAUER, with his free-standing picture frames resembling giant screens. They displayed paintings of Iskin instead of monitors. He also presented his art theory: Interrealism.

This year Iskin will commit digital suicide and will consequently disappear from social media in a live performance. In his performance, as part of the group show OPEN WINDOWS / Reflections on Beuys alongside Schlingensief and Meese, Iskin had played the part of the master encouraging his four pupils of the generation Z to paint, to draw and so to escape the data flow for a while through his interrealistic panel paintings. This time around, Iskin will destroy his private computer and his smartphone as part of his performance "Apple Sauce" and will subsequently fall silent on social media for good. Iskin will offer visitors interrealistic paintings in computer and smartphone cases as analog substitute products: the INTERREALITY-iPaint and the INTERREALITY-uFame. An artistic drug substitution treatment. Iskin leads us into the Interreality-Zone through patterns of capitalism (Brands, Aesthetics, Advertisement) in order to liberate us. He leads us into paradise.

In addition to the INTERREALITY-iPaints and the INTERREALITY-uFames Iskin is also showing two trees of paintings. In these installations, his paintings hang like fruits from the forbidden tree. And in fact, these are trees of knowledge and life, between which Iskin stirs his digital gadgets into an apple sauce. The apple as symbol of seduction. You shall not make any images. This mosaic law gains new currency in Iskin’s Garden of Eden. We are making too many images. Not of God, but of ourselves. We are thus disposing of ourselves. Immediate perception is dying out. This is an aesthetic issue. And a political one. Iskin wants to change that. He leads us away from Interreality and back to ourselves through his paintings. Iskin will not be active in social media after the destruction of his computer and smartphone. He will continue to make art and to develop Interrealism.

Fri, 21 Apr, 18.00h21.00h
22 Apr 201717 Jun 2017

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