AFFECT Module II: Agora's Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin

AFFECT Module II: Agora's Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin

unbreaken is a project that imbricates workshops sessions, performative interventions, frameworks and a process-oriented timeline in and out the doors of the residency during the last 8 weeks.

unbreaken is an invented formula, a constitutive organism made of overlapping movements and gestures related to unbroken (constant, endless, uninterrupted) and break(alter, crack, breach).

unbreaken is an embedded experience based on persistence and disruption practiced through a publication, an exhibition project and a program* hosted by the artists-in-residence. Together, they invite the audience to orbit different situations and events happening at L’Atelier-KSR and into public spaces, in order to exercise, perform and transmit their production. Through multiple entry point and mutabilities, the public is confronted with an experimental collaborative approach to a publication that exceeds its material boundaries and finds its selves taking over spaces, relationships and even dreams. Passages are channeled and activated through a stream of collisions and implosions in and around the space of the exhibition between September 13th to 19th.


13.09 – Opening of unbreaken, publication launch | L’atelier-ksr 7-10pm
14.09 – Movie projection hosted by artists in residence | L’atelier-ksr 6-9pm
15.09 – ‘Take the book for a walk’ | various locations. meeting point: L’Atelier-ksr 4pm
16.09 – Experiencing the publication into public spaces | various locations. (RSVP*) +
17.09 – Re-enacting the publication within the gallery space | L’atelier-ksr (RSVP*) +
18.09 – Processing/production day at the gallery space | L’atelier-ksr +
19.09 – Finissage | L’atelier-ksr 6-8pm

+ Follow coordinates for events and constant updates at:
(*) RSVP at

Sat, 13 Sep, 19.00h22.00h
14 Sep 201419 Sep 2014

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