Accommodating the Present

Louise Sparre, Anne Sofie Overgaard, & Mette Boel

The place between the past and the future is the present. The time where we live and breathe. The time in which we adapt. The time in which we welcome the future.
The exhibition Accommodating the Present showcases new works by artists Louise Sparre, Anne Sofie Overgaard and Mette Boel. Accommodating the Present inhales the present, considers it, and contemplates adaptions, as a basic condition in relation to coexistence between people, animals, places and nature.
Adaption is a complex term. Both in relation to biology where animal and plant life is forced to adapt to increasingly extreme environmental conditions but also on a physiological and psychological level, forcing the individual to adapt to ever-changing aspects of reality. With a joined focus on materials and the tactile, the works in Accommodating the Present set out to investigate different ways of adapting to modern life.

On view Sundays 12-18h and by appointment through 17 November

Sun, 20 Oct, 18.00h21.00h
20 Oct 201917 Nov 2019

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