A Night with ƒƒ - Help it grow

A Night with ƒƒ - Help it grow

Come in costume, share your visions, and bring a cushion!

The feminist network *ƒƒ cordially invites you to participate:
It’s time for a change, ƒƒ is evolving and we’d like to share this with you.

We welcome you and those in your extended networks to participate in our upcoming collaborative conference — a performative evening full of witty experts, warm hearted oracles, critical questions, and shared future visions at Haus am Lützowplatz. We will discuss the future of ƒƒ and are seeking submissions for papers regarding the following question: How does working in temporary communities and collaborative groups relate to feminist thoughts and strategies, and how and when do they empower us? With this open call we would like to address possible directions for the future of ƒƒ and the future of feminism. Selected contributors will be invited to present on March 5th at Haus am Lützowplatz for A Night with ƒƒ: Help It Grow. Please keep contributions under 5 minutes and send them to info@fffffff.org with the subject heading, “Help It Grow” by Feb 17th.

*ƒƒ is a living and evolving network of artists. ƒƒ is a way of working and communicating through art that grows out of collaborations and discussions in close personal contact. Through friendships and alliances we make art that is an essential element of our lives. Art is a field in which we move and meet, while creating and transforming it. We are different, having each our own language and history. Our heterogeneity is our strength. Feminism for us means equality for all: human beings of all genders and all origins.

Thu, 5 Mar, 18.00h

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