What Not to Miss in New York during Armory

Here is a selection of shows (with a focus on Berlin artists) you should not miss during your trip in New York for the Armory this week. ( and a series of photos and comments to use in conversations in case you do miss them) 

Ragnar Kjartansson The Visitors @Luhring Augustine
until March 16th

I am posting this show first, but you can also leave it for last. You will enjoy it even if you are tired, even if your feet is killing you; maybe even more. Walk in and stay with it for a while- it will be worth it. 
Too Jetlagged To Care Conversation Fillers: poetic, redemptive gospel, meditative, sorrowful and joyful at the same time, breathtaking, spell binding, transe-inducing

Dieter Roth. Björn Roth @ Hauser & Wirth New York, 18th Street
– 13 April

- I do not know an artist who is NOT dreaming of a happy ever after in Hauser&Wirth. + infinity (It even was the biggest space in Chelsea, for about 3 minutes, before the new Zwirner space opened up. Point Zwirner) 
- As if to confirm its Art - Olymp status you have to climb through a Stairway to Creed to get in. A friend of mine snorted when we visited "Stripes! that is so easy."  Easy is what art is supposed to look like (says I) +5
- Any gallery with a permanent bar or a beer tab has a +15 for life. This one was designed by Roth junior and junior juniors and it is quite the Viking construction. +15
- We liked the ceremonial slideshow of all the gallery artists. Great talent and some good looks too +2   

The chocolate sculptures are produced on site, you can even try the chocolate beans if you ask the very friendly guards.
Would Dieter Roth agree with his bust (and that of his dog, or a small elephant??) piled up like this in a colum in the middle of the gallery space? 
WHAT TO SAY IF MISSED: I am really not sure how there can be any doubt about it, but this is what to say if you don't know what else. 

Thomas Zipp The Chips are Down@ Harris Liebermann (performance Sat 09 March from 14-18h)

- I am not sure what to say about this show. In a bad way -1 
-The silver curtain thing is distracting from looking at the paintings, which may or may not have looked so attractive if you could actually see them. So...kind of a mesh. +1-1
- Spoiler alert: It is a pig. +1 

- You are not allowed to take pictures in this gallery show, and with a ratio of 5 works to 1 guard you are REALLY not allowed to take pictures. We tried. -1 for us.
(Fair Enough, because as much as I would like to iphone the hell out of Jean Michel - it would very soon turn into a freak show)
- A chance to see 50 something big scale works of Basquiat. Awesome!! + 5000 
- A very sensible and down to earth press text, detailed list of works and collections. Yes! I actually read the press release +2 
Do not miss this show!

Despina Stokou bulletproof @Derek Eller Gallery 

On a scale of Meta to Tacky I don't know where mentioning your own show falls, but not mentioning it would be silly. This is what I do.
Try and watch it after Basquiat's show, tell me what the impact is. 

Lower East Side 

Becky Beasley, Alicja Kwade @ Lisa Cooley (LES)

- The only problem I find with this show is Kwade's work overshadowing the other artist in a none complimentary way.


Decenter: An Exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory Show @Abrons Art Center 466 Grand str 
Artists: Cory Arcangel, Tony Cokes, Douglas Coupland, David Kennedy Cutler, N. Dash, Michael Delucia, Jessica Eaton, Franklin Evans, Amy Feldman, Andrea Geyer, David Gilbert, Ethan Greenbaum, Gregor Hildebrandt, Butt Johnson, John Houck, Barbara Kasten, Andrew Kuo, Liz Magic Laser, Douglas Melini, Ulrike Mohr, Brenna Murphy, John Newman, Gabriel Orozco, Rafaël Rozendaal, Seher Shah, Travess Smalley, Sara VanDerBeek
Curators: Andrianna Campbell and Daniel S. Palmer

in the pictures the "drawing in space (out of charcoal)" by Ulrike Mohl

German Artists are Andrea Geyer, Gregor Hildebrand und Ulrike Mohr. (interesting enough all with black works)  (Fotos: Atif Akin, NY)

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