What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 31.05-02.06


The Bigs team was on two fronts last week. Although the Venice Biennial deservingly stole the spotlight, we're still sharing some interesting bits and pieces from what we visited in Berlin. 


FRIDAY 31.05

Annette Sonnewend @ Scotty Enterprises

+3 for Pussy Riot meets Nina Katchadourian airplane lavatory portraits piece

+3 for the (hopefully) sarcastic neon

+6 for citing Roland Barthes' "A Lover's Discourse: Fragments"; eveybody should read the book for their own sake

Citing, quoting, referencing - that's what it was all about. Add some silly dancing, costumes, goofy self portraits cut+pasted into film scenes and a Barthes quote. Nice compilation of resources and contemporary trends. +20

-5 for underattended event, or more precisely - for the people scared by the weather. A couple of raindrops is the most disappointing reason to stay at home. 


Synaesthesia / 4: Translating, Correcting, Archiving @ Art Laboratory Berlin

+ the reading corner was quite popular

+ pretty good collection of booklets

+ this is how brainwash should look like, apparently

+25 for the exhibition interesting  in a 'did-you-know?' way (even the kids paid attention free willingly) and for the concept of the whole 4-part synaesthesia series. Unfortunately this is the last one in the row, so try not to miss it. 

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