What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 18.10 - 20.10


Full moon inspired many of us to do weird things this weekend. See what you've missed while we're assembling a moon related music playlist to recreate the Lynchian atmosphere that creeped upon us...


FRIDAY 18.10

“OH HIMMEL, STRAHLENDER AZUR…” @ Pavillon am Milchhof

Pavillon am Milchhof makes me a bit nervous… I read somewhere that you shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. While the uninterrupted panes of glass make the gallery a beautiful (and small! It’s tiny!) space, it is only natural that dozens of people teetering away from sobriety is simply asking for trouble. 

“OH HIMMEL, STRAHLENDER AZUR…” let me live out my childhood fantasy—in addition to installation, video, and other object-based art, the show featured paintings on the walls themselves, complete with astronauts and sharks! +56 for making Walt Disney proud.

Pictured above: “How to start_stop a war” by Cyrus Smith. Not pictured above: Cyrus Smith. I don’t know where he was. (N)


Some Ghost Notes @ Scotty Enterprises 

Is it just me or do these two gentlemen look like they're standing in a huge pot? +9 for being unintentionally funny.

+13 for the cleaning machine - could be a neat Christmas present for many lazy flatmates out there.

A hypnotic video that looks like a breathing photograph; +17 for the trick.

+33 for Duchamp revisited (A)


The Living Dead - Glue @ Studiogalerie

Driving more than 20 bus stations to get to this opening did pay off in the end, actually immediately after entering the charming garden that looked like the scene from the feelgood telecommunications company commercials but without the artificiality of it. You could almost hear that radio-friendly song: "Dancing in the moonlight, everybody's feeling warm and bright, it's such a fine and natural sight..."

There were some interesting works but this weird fearless baby stole the show (+50); parents should consider raising him/her to become a performer. (A)



Guillermo Srodek-Hart @ Kuckei + Kuckei

Srodek-Hart’s show at Kuckei + Kuckei titled “Stories” featured 4x5 photographs of interiors in rural Buenos Aires. The workshops, bars, and convenience stores are not as full of stories as the title would suggest. Devoid of customers or employees, the vacancy the photographs depict provides the perfect setting for a story to happen without the script itself. They are chilling, in a way—so full of things, but so empty at the same time.

Also both full and empty was the snack table, which I forgot to take a picture of. Who knew pretzels and meatballs could make such great art-opening finger food? +18 for both! (N)


Same Same But Different @ Vincenz Sala Berlin

I did my research on the artist before coming to Vincenz Sala and from what I saw I drew all the wrong conclusions. Such as: I am definitely going to love this show because it is going to feature amazing artworks, like the ones displayed on Google search. Later on, I remembered that T-shirt joke – „I look better online“. That would also be a valid statement if the walls of Vincenz Sala had spoken that night. While hoping to see something exagerrated and suffocating (knowing the modest dimensions of the gallery I expected it to go in that direction), I was dissapointed by the withdrawn minimalism that resembled drawing exercises. However, plus points for the nice and welcoming opening. (A)

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