What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 18.04-20.04

With the overwhelming events and openings for Gallery Weekend on the horizon, this week’s warm up may not have taken us to a large quantity of places, but we sure got around geographically. From an exclusive tour in Wedding, to openings in Kreuzberg, to a concert in Moabit, to openings in Prenzlauerburg and Mitte, to a bar night in Neukölln we slightly broke out of our normal gallery visiting patterns. Here are our comments on last week’s events (remember, the events not the exhibitions or artwork) so see below what was missed or dissed!



Bigs Spaziergang durch Wedding mit n.b.k.

+12 for an overall lovely afternoon...In this exclusive tour we did for the members of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, we visited some of Wedding's most exciting project spaces, including uqbar, Kronenboden, okk, Prima Center Berlin and Art Laboratory Berlin, where we had the big chance to get to know some of the artists, curators and other cultural producers working in the often neglected yet immensely creative district of Wedding. Now you know, so try to go north more often!.
And remember that you can book us anytime for an special tour, just contact us!

FRIDAY 19.04

The Irregulars: Economies of Deviation @ NGBK


+10 for a potentially very interesting show…Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to focus on the works during the opening, but a quick first impression advocates a second trip with more patience and time. Luckily for those of us who missed it we have until June.

Words for Window @ Schau Fenster

work by Paule Hammer, Klub7, Dirk Krecker, Hendrik van Meckenem, Jirka Pfahl, Manfred Peckl, Stohead, Despina Stokou, Heiko Zahlmann

+3 for the most beautiful gallery floor (and some nice looking shoes too)…



+4 for the DJ…the beginning of a gallery opening is about as awkward as a beginning of a party, but at least at parties there is music to draw attention away from the fact that there’s not much happening yet.

+17 for the typewriter works by Dirk Krecker…These are just SO GOOD! In this case I couldn’t like blood, pain, and violence more.


Heizraum Concert Series 4 @ Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik

Schneider DM, Tore Honore Boe, White Vogue + Matteo Pasin

+4 for an unexpected trip to Moabit…Yeah, you read that correctly, we went to Moabit on Friday. How did we end up there? I was asking myself the same question since the proximity to the Ausländerbehörde makes my stomach turn. Early in the evening were the artist residents’ presentations, which seemed promising based on the press release, but we unfortunately missed them. So instead we got an experimental concert in the basement. Will we be back soon? Probably not, but it was a nice change of scenery.

+3 for Tore Honore Boe’s angry performance…imagine Hannibal Lecter with an “acoustic laptop,” periodically stopping to say “blah, blah, blah” to express his annoyance with the loud talkers in the room, and violently kicking a table.

-9 for the thought popping into my head that maybe I should move to Moabit and participate in ZKU’s residency program (it’s a really nice space)…But no, it’s 500-800€/month, nice comes with a price! And, eh, Moabit...


benandsebastian, following the museum @ die raum


+17 for the wonderful use of the petite gallery space…Openings at die raum are literally a breath of fresh air since you can’t actually enter the gallery space. It’s a pleasant change to be on the outside looking in and usually craning your neck because it’s a small window. This installation in particular feels very specific to the space, so make sure to walk by if you missed it Saturday.

2€ G&T at a gallery opening? Woohoo, an excellent start to the night! +5


“stand alone, by my side” Conference 1 @ Autocenter

work by Marc Bijl, Peggy Franck, Lena Henke, Ada van Hoorebeke, Jana Müller, Björn Wallbaum

+7 for Jana Müller’s floor sculpture…An old friend would make a mean-spirited joke about making artwork out of broken, discarded umbrellas, but Jana proves that broken (maybe deconstructed is a more fitting description) umbrellas can be made into great art!


+17 for Björn Wallbaum’s black river pebble stones scultures….Ooooh I want one!

The Kakofonie 005: Night of Conceptual Writing @ O Tannenbaum

launch of Triple E, (The Beer Issue) by Eric Zboya, derek beaulieu, and Olivier Maarschalk



above: book star Michalis Pichler and John Holten of Broken Dimanche Press

+15 for the innovative approach to distributing conceptual writing…It proved true that people buy beer but they don’t buy books since the complete edition of 60 bottles was sold before we even arrived!


Stay tuned for next week’s Gallery Weekend WDIM/WDINM because everyone’s bound to miss something!


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