What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 13.06-15.06



Resonant Bodies @ ICI Berlin

+17 for the sound sculpture (by Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri & Pe Lang) producing delicate sounds in a peculiar way 

+15 for a sophisticated choice of food and wine served for the guests whose appearance was quite the opposite of sophisticated while assembling their three-floor food plates that you usually see in all-you-can-eat(-for-free) situations. The same was probably with refilling the glasses, cause there was at least one broken pretty early at the opening. The picture only shows the ruins after the battle, since the buffet was the most crowded gathering point and pretty hard to reach while there was still something on the table. 


FRIDAY 14.06

ROLLEN TAUSCH – Nick Grossmann @ Zirkumflex

The exhibition seemed to be more of a preview of the photo booklet by the artist, which shows a lot more than the gallery walls. Some other interesting and well designed publications were also available for browsing. 


The Edge of Real @ Centrum

Angela Ender, Stefanie Seufert, Kate Squires, Nicoll Ulrich

A scanty show was saved by goofy grownup visitors (or maybe artists themselves?) running around installations (+3). Only in Neukölln.


Sheila Buser & Jasmin Kokkola @ Venus Flytrap Gallery

A pretty good show for a gallery that just opened (+9). Some more points for the nice space and the charming sausage dog. 


Yemen Breakfast @ Holz Kohlen Koks

Yemen Breakfast wins the gold medal at 48 Stunden Neukölln as far as I'm concerned. This musical performance by two virtuosos mesmerized the audience with a soft spot for noise. The raw look of the gallery basement matched the sounds perfectly and made a strong contrast to the white cube upstairs. +99


Call & Response @ Strahler

A different take on a photo exhibition (words and sounds included). Strahlen was a good place to spend some more time at due to the combination of good music, drinks and dancing people. 



Motion Dazzle - Merete Vyff Slyngborg @ Grimmuseum

The small gallery frontyard was more enjoyable than the show, although I did like some subtle details in the works. +9 for Grimmuseum's press releases that make the show more interesting to me than it really is. 


KW Serie - Matten Vogel @ Kuckei + Kuckei

+12, because if you look long enough and then Google the artist to see what was it all about, you will find out that the exhibition is not so empty as it may seem at first sight. Very clean and digital feel accomplished with an analogue technique leaves the impression of elegant layered minimalism rather than an oversimplified attempt at art. The elegance also might have been present at the moment due to the gallery location and the guests at the opening. 

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