What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 11.09 - 14.09

What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 11.09 - 14.09

Thursday, 11 Sep
Michael Just, Manuela Kasemir, Ruprecht Von Kaufman @ EIGEN + ART Lab
The energy was at an all time high on Thursday, with the onslaught of Berlin Art Week approaching. People were warming up to the week of madness by coming out in droves to EIGEN + ART Lab for a stellar group show. I have to say, without reservation, that the small portraits by Ruprecht Von Kaufman easily stole my attention. I completely ignored my company to gaze at their greatness.
Berlin fall fashion was in full effect, and the art hipsters spare no expense when the weather becomes on the cool side. Not to mention the lighting is always so bright that one small coffee stain really stands out so you have to be on your toes.

+8 for the snacks being circulated.
Friday, 12 Sep
Andreas Blank – The imprint of the space someone used @ Galerie Christian Ehrentraut
Don’t ever let anyone tell you anything bad about the lack of further potential for stone, especially before you have a chance to see Andreas Blank’s work at Christian Ehrentraut.

Good things have come from the ground. Highly deceiving objects, frames, lights, and an industrial totem all made or rock.
The painstaking hours of production exemplified by Blank left most visitors looking puzzled and bewildered. A must see.

+ 14 for the Bpigs guide by the entrance!
Friday, 12 Sep
Chris Succo @ DUVE Berlin
Black and white was definitely the theme here, with the audience and with Succo’s work. Large works on canvas coupled with similar sized screen prints filled the main room. These works with the minimally dressed crowd made one feel as though they were seeing colour in places there wasn’t.
Sometimes good minimalism can come across pretentious and too obvious, not in a gimmicky way, but one that makes the art less enjoyable, too quiet. However Succo rides that danger zone and comes out on top.
But seriously, so many people there had nothing but black and white on, it made me wonder if I didn’t get the memo. It was all very democratic.

+12 for the smell of floor paint, -12 for the smell of floor paint.
Friday, 12 Sep
Vector Issue-5 @ Schau Fenster
The launch of the artist’s journal Vector Issue-5 was popping off at Schau Fenster. A veritable who’s who came out for the release. I’m always amazed at the amount of people that can fit in the modest show room.
On the wall was displayed, page-by-page, the book in entirety. A good option to give people who are too weak to pick up a book (which was available for free) to still read it. On that note, it’s curious to see people reading books in general at an opening.
Music was excellent as always, and Jan Kage was in fine form.

+16 for the free journal! Free!
Saturday, 13 Sep
Kate Cooper – Rigged / Ryan Trecartin – Site Visit @ KW Institute for Contemporary Art
A duo opening early in the evening on Saturday had the masses out and about anticipating greatness. I arrived late thinking I would have to wait in line, only to find out the Ryan Trecartin exhibit was delayed an hour and a half due to technical difficulties. The crowd waited in the lovely courtyard getting exceedingly drunk and rowdy. It was worth the eventual wait. Trecartin has a multi-channel film running with camping furniture and recliners staged in a theatre scenario. The film was pretty surreal, and you feel like you’ve been drugged. The protagonists in the film exuded redneck/pinknec
Upstairs is Kate Cooper, with giant video screens projecting digitally rendered exercise videos with a chilling narrative. I felt like I was in a library with Laurie Anderson.
+ 17 for the giant ear carpet
Saturday, 13 Sep
Janos Fodor - Overmorrow @ Grimmuseum
By far the one of the best shows I have attended at Grimmuseum. Fodor provides a survey of his practice with over a hundred pieces, and it does not bore or disappoint.
The more you look, the more you want to see. Humorous and playful, the works range through all media and you can definitely tell Fodor is an artist not afraid to jump into another material, and he does so without folly (at least with these works on display).
+ 8 for the barrel of laughs

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