What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 11.07 - 13.07


Parasite @OZEAN
Øystein Aasan - David Edward Allen - Viktoria Binschtok Max Frisinger - Franziska Furter - Aubrey Heichemer Maureen Jeram - Joyce Kim - Antonia Low - Caitlin Masley Florian Neufeldt - Alex Schweder

artist Maureen Jeram co-curated the show and delivered one of the most breattaking works- a fresco! 

lovely Hester Oerlemans, OZEAN initiator


on paper @Eigen&Art Gallery and Lab -Double opening

Elena Berriolo - Transcription of Piero Manzoni's Infinite Line @ REH Kunst

...and so the story goes. Elena Berriolo's performance wasn't just about a lot of balloons turning into a growing (and eventually flying) balloon caterpillar. But even if it was, it would be enough to make it enjoyable, especially because the audience participated in releasing the balloons and turned the performance into a mini festivity. Too bad they got stuck in the first tree on the way; it was a bit dissapointing for all of us who clapped and cheered and waited for it to go up and away, but in return it probably made some Prenzlauer Berg kid extremely happy.

The balloons were mood lifting, but the thing I liked the most was the way Elena answered the questions about the performance while sewing the balloons onto a ribbon. There was something really comforting and trustworthy in her narration and her English with an obvious Italian accent, which added a lot to the content already charming enough. "Why didn't Piero Manzoni use the sewing machine? - That is something I will never understand! ..." It would be lovely to have her audio book (I doubt there is one, and hope this gets to her as a good idea!).




"I'm not here to give a performance, I'm here to teach you a lesson!" - and he did! Martin Skauen alter ego, the painstakingly, poetically awkward Slide Show Johny captured his audience in a 30 min long demonstration on playing  Stairway to Heaven for beginners, pinky finger after pinky finger. Nobody could see him of course as his was in this dumpster or at least you could assume he was. 

accidental His & Hers look 

a beautiful and smart ( like almost everybody in this event!!) constructions by co-curators of the ROLE MODELS evolving group show, every Saturday in July- David Polzin and Kasia Fudakowski. Two more left: July 20. Suchan Kinoshita with Inga Krüger and July 27. Paul Haworth 


Although beautifully elaborated in the text, the performance by Emmanuel Madan was still a row of questionmarks for me. It just happened to be too simplified to impress people who aren't so geekily into electromagnetic fields. After waiting too long for it to start and then feeling dissapointed, I decided to skip the next one and go for some cheap Saturday night entertainment instead. It seemed like a good decision at that point and LEAP proved to be the least interesting place I've been to that day, but it did make me happy to see that much people at an opening, all waiting impatiently for the performance. 



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