What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 08.05.-12.05.



Introduction of the Georgian Pavillion in Venice by curator Joanna Warsza in presence of Thea Djordjadze @Georgian Embassy


picture courtesy Kamikaze Loggia team - visit facebook page

-"Please come in, otherwise you are not able to see anything", Warsza had to interrupt her presentation several times as more and more waves of late comers tried to sneak in the room. This would normally happen somewhere at the back, but the room arrangement was turned 180 degrees, bringing this little performance and whatever tit bits of conversations the people had before realizing they were being watched, in the forefront of the presentation. Warsza was  "kamikazed" in by her own audience overflow, the nearest members of which was literally at her feet and could play with her long colorful (Georgian?) skirt.  +50
-Many a great men and women have lost their heads when stepping up in a position of power, or even just behind a microphone. Losing contact with the audience, its needs and what their purpose was to begin with. We are thinking of calling this phenomenon the KW-itis. Not Warsza. She remained perfectly friendly, in touch with the room, informative, clear headed, inspiring. +50
-When she started directly adressing the artist present in the room (Thea Djordjadze) while explaining her work "this is an installaton of You", she reached a very special, poetic note and hit the curatorial jackpot. Din din ding!!

Looking forward to the 70sq "Kamikaze Loggia" which will be built on top of the Arsenale building in Venice. Opening is on May 30th at 17.15h and  daily performances by Bouillon Group, Nikoloz Lutidze and Gela Patashuri with Ei Arakawa and Sergei Tscherepnin May 29 - 31.  Follow Kamikaze Loggia on facebook for more updates.(D)

-What followed on the terrace was also a very good preview of what happens in Venice. Hordes of people elbowing their way to a minimal arrangement of traditional delicacies and well..wine. The characters of this play remain mindblowingly the same every (2) year. The serial free loaders, the whiny journalist, the semi-vip, the well connected artists, the people we see everywhere, but no one has any idea who they are, the embassy family, the flustered cater waitress. No points- just saying. (D)

Displaying the Instant @ L'atelier kunst(spiel)raum

Saturn Dogs (Manon Parent & Sto Len)

+8 for the mad scientist's lab/ serial killer's basement/ crazy prepper's wood cabin/ Edward Scissorhands' frontyard –resembling setting

+3 for the slightly disturbing yet entertaining moment in which my shoe participated in the performance (A)

+4 for lots of noise making
-4 for the improvisation being painfully obvious and the whole performance kitschy at times. A little bit of meaningful directing wouldn't hurt the show (A)

Pauline Payen

+5 for the poetic loveliness of the text read by the artist
+3 for reading it trilingual

+5 for the matching video – it challenges you to catch the artist's shifting eyes on two small screens (A)


FRIDAY 10.05.

On Off Moments @ Grimmuseum
David Horvitz, Daniel Kötter, Mikka Wellner, Murat Adash, Laura McLardy, Gretta Louw, David Kroell

+7 for being irritated by the sticky floor, only to find out that it is post-it glue and in fact an artwork we're stepping on. Quite an unexpected turn.
+7 for a well developed exhibition concept that is interesting even without the artworks (A)


Raindance Berlin Launch Weekend @ Urban Spree
Elliot Grove's 99min Film School + party

+99 for Raindance awarding me with an annual membership and free entry for the whole weekend! All I did was share my love for Jean Claude Van Damme on their Facebook page. Lucky me!

+6 for the stand-up quality of Elliot Grove's lecture. Extra points for a turbulent life story that includes being born to an Amish family, seeing a film for the first time as a 16-year-old, assisting Henry Moore until going nearly blind in an accident, and finally ending up in the film industry.

+5 for the free bar. God bless liquor sponsors.
+5 for the goodie bags!

Well done, Raindance. The word is spread. (A) 



Klub Kube @ LoBe London Berlin
Abbie Canning, Clementina Cassin, Adrian Crawley, Friederike Jager, Katrin Lubs, Rachel Mason, Emma McLean, Luisa Puschendorf, Katya Robin, Julia Wehrhahn

+12 for being the friendliest exhibition. It was nice to spend the afternoon in the gallery with the artists who willingly shared their experiences of collaborating with each other. The story about the process of exchanging letters and objects and meeting in Berlin to assemble an exhibition from the items found in Wedding turned out to be more interesting than the show. (A)

+12 for being the most delicious exhibition. When they said brunch, I didn't expect a steamy kitchen in the gallery serving hot meals and drinks (A)

+3 for the lovely gramophone music

-6 for us for missing the opening the night before which was really busy and fun, from what we've heard. +6 for Olivia from LoBe who made it up for us and kindly e-mailed the cutest photo – there were rabbits hopping around! (A) 

20 years Kuckei & Kuckei celebration

all pictures by Matthias Birkholz

A lovely day where even the rain came at the exact perfect moment. The Vice- Grill Master in Germany and a new talent in portrait photography (Matthias Birkholz). Thanks to Hannes and Ben and keep up the good work!!! (D) 

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