What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 05.02 - 07.02

What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 05.02 - 07.02

Last week we attended Berlinale and did some celebrity hunting on the side; the latter expectedly unsuccessful. Besides joining the festival hype, we were happy to do our usual job and attend some friendly and interesting exhibition openings.

The artiest part of Berlinale called Forum Expanded opened with a group show at St. Agnes. The former church was crowded as usual, only this time it was mostly tourists who came to Berlin for the festival. The show proved that you do not need a red carpet to have that ‘special occasion’ festive feeling. No George Clooney, no Tilda Swinton; impressive art in an impressive building was all I needed to feel that kind of magic.
Wednesday, 5 Feb

Forum Expanded group show with Heba Amin, Hannes Böck, Azin Feizabadi, Robert Fenz, Malak Helmy, Judith Hopf, Ken Jacobs, Jakrawal Nilthamrong, Firas Shehadeh, Clemens von Wedemeyer

As I walked into insitu, a dachshund skidded across the smooth floors as a performer cleared her throat and recited a spoken-word piece about eggs, sculptures, and French mothers. I knew this was where I wanted to be.
As I wandered through the gallery, I wondered how a dog could survive in the space — the intricate and precariously placed pieces were all connected by the central idea of narratives and storytelling, and a skittish dog seemed to only invite new stories of broken artwork. Nevertheless, the artwork remained both remarkable and intact (for now), even as the gallery filled with excited patrons spilling into the street.
Thursday, 6 Feb
Episode 5: in the beginning @ insitu
Karen Kilimnik
Thursday, 6 Feb
John Waters - Bad Director's Chair / Michail Pirgelis - Adopted / Karen Kilimnik @ Sprüth Magers Berlin

The number of people trying to see John Waters’ exhibition at the opening was fascinating and very frustrating because there was almost no chance of getting into the gallery. But it was not about the show anyway. Everybody was expecting to see Mr Waters in person, and you could tell that by a large number of fans with cameras and carnival outfits.  It must have been very disappointing for them,  as well as for the other two artists exhibiting in the gallery at the same time who only got collateral attention from the people who gave up on queueing for Waters.

The night started with a very "American Beauty"-moment: in anticipation of the ornamentally disordered sculptures/paintings/mixed-media pieces that Poppe and Winkler are known for, I walked wistfully around the windy Moritzplatz and admired the leaves and bags blowing gracefully in the wind. Then, a bag flew in my face.
Confused and startled, I made it into the surprisingly calm Scotty Enterprises. There were just enough people for me a calming buzz to fill the gallery, but just few enough so that I did not have to worry about knocking down one of the shadow boxes. Heavily ornamented, I would be excited to see the lacy cut-outs in daylight, as the light was a bit dim to accommodate for a psychadelic projection across the window.
Friday, 7 Feb
Mariel Poppe | Dirk Winkler - Struktome und Musterie @ Scotty Enterprises

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