What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 02.05 - 04.05

Jessica Jackson Hutchins’ snakeskin shoes made it to the top of our opening night's outfit list
Friday, 2 May
Jessica Jackson Hutchins @ Johann König, Berlin
"Coming II" beautifully blurred categorical lines between drawing, sculpture, and object, all through the vehicle of collage.
Fragmented masses of magazine scraps juxtapose transparent areas of overstretched fabric, creating an interesting dichotomy that runs though the entire show.
Sculptures act like drawings and drawings act like sculptures, creating a multi-media whirlwind of unexpected contradictions. A must see!
+10 points for being the first gallery all day to serve cold beer
+5 points for the free post
Friday, 2 May
Alicja Kwade - Multiples @ Edition Block
Alicja Kwade is one clever artist. Nothing new, but still I have the need to express my respect.
Although I rarely go to shows which are geographically demanding (more than 30 minutes of ride with a combination of all available means of transportation, with the guarantee of getting lost), I decided to take the hard path and go see her.
It was well worth it, and even coming to the neighborhood of the gallery space is culturally enriching, since it looks so different from any of the parts of Berlin that I am used to.
Friday, 2 May
Felix Kiessling - Ausdehnung @ alexander levy
We had met with Felix a few weeks before the opening on Friday for a pre-interview, when he disclosed to us that there was some cause for concern about whether the installation of his 3.5 ton sculpture would go smoothly (or at all). Looks like he figured it out! The delicately hung conglomeration of rocks is the first thing you see after turning the corner into the gallery, and its a captivating sight. The contrast between apparent weight of the stones and the elegant, but fragile looking, device from which they hang from is a bit mesmerizing, to say the least.
The other pieces in the show are interesting as well and involve photographs of “the northern most rock” of multiple location, displayed next to a microscopic sample of said rock. Bravo Felix!
Friday, 2 May
Michael Sailstorfer - Antiherbst @ ST AGNES
Michael Sailstorfer's show made it to the most of the "best of the Gallery Weekend" lists, and St Agnes is a space that is a favorite by default, no matter what goes on in there. Having those two things in mind, my expectations were high as a kite.
And we all know what happens then - a great artist with a great show, but then you still think there could be something more. Maybe it was just the lack of visitors at the moment that made it a bit empty (and what I am actually saying between the lines is: I did not see any beers circulating!).
Usually it is a loud and crowded beer garden situation at the openings in this complex, and this time it was more church-like meditative.
Friday, 2 May
Stefan Rinck - A Sunny Place for Shady People @ Cruise & Callas
Black and white marble sculptures, a wooden cactus, and a tiny 3D-projection are the ingredients of Stefan Rinck's third solo show.
You can already tell by the title of the show that it has something to do with humor, and it does make you lift your cheeks.
An ancient sanctuary from the world of the cartoon characters is the easy way to describe it, although, no doubt, there are far more complex meanings embedded in it.
Friday, 2 May
At the Interstice of Photography and Sculpture (group show) / Kay Walkowiak - Minimal Vandalism @ Felbuschwiesner
For the Gallery Weekend Berlin, Feldbuschwiesner prepared a group exhibition of seven international female artists working at the interstice of photography and sculpture, and opened the basement for the projection of the video work by Kay Walkowiak.
The group show attracted many interested gallery hoppers (including the bpigs staff) who, judging by their curious documenting of each work, liked its experimental nature quite a lot.
The basement with the video projection was something new (at least for us) and a pleasant surprise. It should be used more often, and not just for the Gallery Weekend when everyone tries to dress to impress.
Saturday, 3 May
20 Years Galerie Neu @ Galerie Neu
Last weekend another birthday was celebrated - 20 years of Galerie Neu. In the years of entering adulthood and being taken a bit more seriously, Galerie Neu decided to do what the successful grown-ups do - move to Mitte.
The bar is set pretty high and we hope that the shows will be as amazing as the new location and the space.

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