What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 01.08 - 03.08


Bárbara Fonseca - "In Summer No One Dies" @ idrawalot

Although twisted and weirded, the show is still an eyecandy. Bizzare illustrations make you go "aww" and "haha", while the small-scale recreation of the beach invites you to sit down, relax, take a sip of warm beer and realise that it is the closest you will get to the beach this year. Might trigger a bitter aftertaste, but otherwise it's just really sweet. 


FRIDAY 02.08

Go Itami - "Study" @ Motto

A lovely place to spend an hour, or five if you have a weakness for goodlooking books and start browsing the offer. + points for much appreciated free cold beer and overall nice atmosphere in the courtyard. 



Spätkauf Kunst Aktion #4 @ Prinzessinnengarten

As this was our first visit to Prinzessinnengarten, we were carried away by how nice it is there and quickly found a spot to enjoy the view. Kunst Späti, which was the reason we came there in the first place, catched some attention only while they were driving it out of the garden, so we missed to see what was on display. Nevertheless, we do feel like we attended something for there was some live music and screenings which we saw with our peripheral vision. It was about enough for a great prelude to a Saturday night.

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