What Did I Miss 23.07-29.07

1work / 1room / 1night @ Gitte Bohr, DRAW, Victoria's last night@bar 3, ChessBoxing @Platoon

to be honest I was not aware who the cute old couple were @Schinkel Pavillion- RIP Franz West.


1work / 1room / 1night Part 1: Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau @ Gitte Bohr Club für Kunst und Politisches Denken


FRIDAY 27.07

Elisabeth Mladenov, In Bed @ DRAW

this new place on Brunnen str 152 called Marquee- nice bar, but the art...(Also needs AC)

bar 3 - Volksfest

Agathe + Victoria

 bye bye Victoria!!!

Saturday 28.07

Chessboxing @Platoon
this is actually a thing. Yes..

20 euros (sold out) would get you there (pic during the break, hence the lack of attention)

what followed has left a scar in our little hearts. Two pale, not very musceld types, one with a little bit of belly, both looking as they cannot play chess. Chess part went ok by the way, quick and fun. The boxing part was weird. One got very red in the face very quickly. Both exchanged awkward punches then hugged for a few seconds (people shouted - Ihr seid kein Paar!) , then the guy with the red face gave an (accidental) punch in the others guys throat, who subsequently stopped breathing and went down on his knees. People went oooooo and his trainer immediately threw the white towel, (which as a voice from the micorphones let us know explained to us meant-admitting defeat).

best part of the evening was watching the "fighters" come down the stairs with Rocky music (kind of) a security guy, their trainer, their girlfriend, their mother and who knows who else in toe...


and of course this...

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