Venice First Look Monday & Tuesday

Venice so far...

Prima Materia @ Palazzo Grassi

Rudolf Stingel @ Punto Della Dogana

carpet installation #1, by far the most extensive and spectacular in scale

painting of Franz West

Ornamentation @ Azerbijan Pavillion

all over carpet installation #2, a carpet covered living room including a tv set, couches, a coffee table and a bookshelf filled with carpet covered books

from the side

from the front (to be viewed through one's camera to flatten perspective)

Denes Farkas, Evident in Advance @ The Estonian Pavilion

I can tell this is one of my favorite pavilions already...books, text, dictionary definitions, and some plants too

the artist

Catherine Lorent, Relegation @ The Luxembourg Pavilion

rehersal time

Mladen Miljanovic, The Garden of Delights @ The Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion

answers to the question "Dear friend, what would you love or wish to see in the pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Venice?"...and he's going to hold the marble slab during the opening

Tara Subkoff starring Milla Jovovich, Future/Perfect

a gorgeous garden with a gorgeous supermodel in a box opening boxes...

Spotting J Kosuth not once but twice in different restaurants in the area around the Azerbijan and Ukranian you know where to find him if need be

Party #1 Monday night at Palazzo Peckham

more carpets and all over patterns

by 9:30 there was a full out italo disco dance party and people were really giving it their all, thanks to the peach-rum-slushy drinks

Party #2 outside of Salon of Everything

Party #3 for the Mexican pavilion

not so much dancing at either of these...Palazzo Peckham gets the most points for fun.

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