Venice Biennale first impressions: Tuesday & Wednesday

Text and pictures by Maria Santos

Insanity and Architecture in historical palazzos. Another sneak peak into 55.Venice Biennale

Edvard Munch and Lene Berg: "Beware of the Holy Whore", Norway's representation at the Biennale at Bevilaqualamasa, San Marco

In front of the building, the workers of the institution protesting

Inside the opening reception, sponsored by Veuve Clicquot.

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the building, but we highly recommend this show, especially because of the (rare) works of Edvard Munch in a rather asylum-like environment.


The hands of Viktorija Rybakova & Myriam Lefkowitz, guides of "Walk, hands, eyes (Venice, 2013)", an experience you should definitely try by yourself while visiting oO, the Lithuanian-Cypriot Pavilion.

The official opening is tonight at 17.00 with a series of performances. Don't miss!


Seen @Via Garibaldi


"The Starry Messenger" at "Wales in Venice" (Collateral event)

Bedwyr Williams's installation was a really good surprise... and a great dose of visual LCD to start off the day!


Shoeless VIP party


Master of light Bill Culbert at New Zealand's Pavilion


"Comparative investigation about the disposition of the width of a circle"

Insanely good...  Thomas Zipp at the Palazzo Rossini-Revedin.

Opening tonight from 18.00 to 21.00


"Primer Latido", Paraguay's first appearance at Venice Biennale


"Lost in translation"

A massive group show presented by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art at the Università Ca' Foscari

Full house on the opening, this show certainly deserves a detailed look because of all the background information that the works require in order to be fully processed


"The monument to a monument"

The Ukrainian Pavilion, presenting a lot of micro-architectures and interactive installations


"A remote Whisper" @Palazzo Falier (Collateral event)

A site-specific light installation by Pedro Cabrita Reis and another favourite from today


"Time Lapse" @Negozio Olivetti, San Marco

Who doesn't love modernism and typewritters? We certainly enjoyed this audio installation / exhibition in a slightly emptier San Marco by the end of the day




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