What Did I Miss

November 2013

  • by Adela Lovric, 25 Nov 2013
    Last week we went to see some interesting art and we saw much more than that. Everything blended well - people complemented artworks in the way they dressed, posed or or moved around. Rocker to rocker, raver to raver, hipster to Peres Projects, _____ (continue the sequence).   THURSDAY 21.11 Berlin under 30 @...
  • by Adela Lovric, 18 Nov 2013
    Dear Monday, have mercy on us. The week was hard and we had our deserved fun, which leaves us tired but content and loaded with photos and impressions to share. Here we give you a slice of the last week's adventures.    WEDNESDAY 13.11 Cyberfest 2013 opening @ The WYE This event was fun mostly...
  • Dana Schutz @CFA
    by Adela Lovric, 11 Nov 2013
    Last week Berlin had a hot&cold thing going on. Besides the standard combo (hot people + cold drinks),  it went a bit crazy with fireballs in the freezing Berlin night and snowmen in the melting African sun.    THURSDAY 07.11 Jutta Koether @ Praxes First and foremost, last Thursday’s...
  • by Adela Lovric, 4 Nov 2013
    A brief overview of all things we did not miss last week while dodging the flying eggs (somebody could've warned us that that's what kids do here on Halloween) and collecting worried looks aimed at our slightly innapropriate costumes. WEDNESDAY 30.10 Max Frisinger – Red Sea @ OZEAN As I walked up to...

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