What Did I Miss

July 2013

  • by Adela Lovric, 29 Jul 2013
    THURSDAY 25.07 Berlin Atonal @ Kraftwerk  This new old festival really couldn't go wrong with the combination of an amazing location and a great lineup, and it even surpassed the high expectations. When I first felt that impressive wall of sound that relocated my internal organs and gave a nice brain...
  • by Adela Lovric, 21 Jul 2013
      FRIDAY 19.07 Martin Gross - "Rutur" @ Feldbuschwiesner You had to be incurably cynical by default to discard the effort that was obviously put into these drawings. All graphite/pencil on paper, and all made up completely. Although it appropriates the cold, clean and accurate appearance of...
  • Maureen Jeram, Parasite @Ozean
    by Adela Lovric, 15 Jul 2013
    WEDNESDAY 10.07 Parasite @OZEAN Øystein Aasan - David Edward Allen - Viktoria Binschtok Max Frisinger - Franziska Furter - Aubrey Heichemer Maureen Jeram - Joyce Kim - Antonia Low - Caitlin Masley Florian Neufeldt - Alex Schweder artist Maureen Jeram co-curated the show and delivered one of the most...
  • by Adela Lovric, 8 Jul 2013
      THURSDAY 04.07 Episode 2: Sabotage @ insitu Sabotage awaited immediately at the entrance - a huge orange ball blocking the entrance caused some confusion (+13), until we realized the entrance is through the window, down the ladder. The rest of the exhibition wasn´t as exciting, maybe because...

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