Tips 28.05 - 31.05

This week should feel like heaven for the art lovers, and not only for the tourists not used to Berlin's dynamic. Luckily, most of us are free of work on Thursday, so we can relax and celebrate Biennale, Tempelhof, sunny weather, our editor's birthday, Kimye wedding, and whatever else there is to happily down our drinks for.


19.00 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art @ KW

WHY: An international team of artists exploring the intersection between larger historical narratives and individuals’ lives will occupy four distinct art venues in Berlin - Haus am Waldsee, Museen Dahlem - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and Crash Pad c/o KW - for this year's Berlin Biennale. We strongly advise not miss the most talked about opening! All for venues will be open tonight from 19h-22h. 

KW / Auguststrasse 69, 10117 Berlin, U Weinmeisterstr. - U Oranienburger Tor - S Oranienburger Str. / ongoing until 05.08 / free entry / more info



19.00 Round Two @ FLEX

WHY: The recently opened project space FLEX presents their second show - "Round Two" - with two new artists: Marcela Armas and Jorinde Voigt. Marcela Armas' steel cable installation "Resistencia" illuminates a political battle while testing the capacity of its medium. The artist grounds her work in physical and political realities, brightly contrasting Jorinde Voigt’s move towards the magical. In "Inkommunikabilität I-IV", Voigt visualizes words and fragments from Niklas Luhmann’s sociological text "Liebe als Passion: Zur Codierung von Intimität", and gives form to 'incommunicable' content.

FLEX / Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Sophienstr. 21, 10178 Berlin, U Weinmeisterstr. / ongoing until 22.07 / free entry / more info


FRIDAY 30.05

18.00 Jeremy Shaw - Quickeners / Kiki Kogelnik - No Coca-Cola @ Johann König, Berlin

WHY: Johann König, Berlin presents for the first time work by the artist Jeremy Shaw, the darling of the Berlin art scene who needs no further introduction. The text for his exhibition "Quickeners" gives us some hints that it should be interesting to fans of SF and dystopian narratives.

Concurrently, the exhibition "No Coca-Cola" by Kiki Kogelnik will be on display.

Johann König, Berlin / Dessauer Str 6-7, 10963 Berlin, U Potsdamer Platz / ongoing until 28.06 / free entry / more info: Jeremy Shaw - Kiki Kogelnik


19.00 HELLO WORLD! Curators in Residence I MFA Goldsmiths University @ L'Atelier-ksr

WHY: "Hello World!" explores 'publishing' in its etymological sense of 'making public', and the role it plays in the formation of identity: how we represent ourselves to others in making ourselves public, and how these representations circulate. The exhibition will reflexively investigate its form, as it is transformed throughout its duration through workshops initiated by the artists.

L'Atelier-ksr / Grossbeerenstr. 34, 10965 Berlin, U Mehringdamm / ongoing until 28.06 / free entry / more info


19.00 Linda Weiss - FAE (Made in Russia, America...) @ Scotty Enterprises

WHY: More shocking than Pharell curating an art show, or Jay-Z performing with Marina Abramovic, is the two of them together in an exhibition. And, believe it or not - along with Beyonce and Kanye West, in a project space in Berlin! Scotty Enterprises shows the exhibition "FAE (Made in Rusia, America...)" by Linda Weiss, who took the first letters of the songs by the four hyperpopular musicians for the title of her show, while referring to them both seriously and ironically. The plot thickens with the artist's intention to complete the work in relation to current events in Moscow and Kiev.

Scotty Enterprises / Oranienstr. 46, 10969 Berlin, U Moritzplatz / ongoing until 21.06 / free entry / more info


19.00 Eva Kotátková - Anatomical Orchestra @ Schinkel Pavillon

WHY: With "Anatomical Orchestra", Eva Kotátková concentrates on the interface between the body and the environment. The exhibition space of Schinkel Pavillon will be transformed into a surreal stage, where oversized instruments, peculiar prostheses and alike objects will await their activation by the human body. As a part of the exhibition, there will be two concerts of the soloist ensemble Kaleidoskop.

Schinkel Pavillon / Oberwallstrasse 1, 10117 Berlin, U Hausvogteilplatz / ongoing until 20.07 / free entry / more info


20.00 [macro]biologies II: organisms @ Art Laboratory Berlin

WHY: The second exhibition of the series "[macro]biologies & [micro]biologies" highlights the works of artists dealing with multi-celled organisms. Noteworthy is both the relationship of these organisms to us, as well as their roles as independent actors. The exhibition focuses on the works of three internationally recognized artists whose work deals with multicellular organisms: Suzanne Anker, Brandon Ballengée, and Maja Smrekar.

Art Laboratory Berlin / Prinzenallee 34, 13359 Berlin, U Pankstr. / ongoing until 20.07 / free entry / more info



12.00 Late breakfast / "Der Grund ist nicht Licht sondern Nacht" @ Galerie Christian Ehrentraut

WHY: If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, imagine its value a gallery while the artists are presenting their work! This Saturday you can join Yorgos Stamkopoulos, Julie Oppermann, and Alexander Wolff for a late breakfast and discussion about their current exhibition "Der Grund ist nicht Licht sondern Nacht" at Galerie Christian Ehrentraut.

Galerie Christian Ehrentraut / Friedrichstr. 123, 10117 Berlin, U Oranienburger Tor / free entry / more info


20.00 Cristopher Kline - "O.K." - Finnisage & performance @ Grimmuseum

WHY: If you missed the the performance shown at the exhibition opening, here is an opportunity to catch up - Cristopher Kline will present a slightly extended version, including parts of the upcoming musical O.K. and an activation of objects from the exhibition. O.K. is the first manifestation of Kline's ongoing project about the identity and history of a small upstate New York community, his hometown of Kinderhook. Find out more about the show from the review by Sarah Brophy

Grimmuseum / Fichtestr 2, 10967 Berlin, U Schönleinstr. / free entry / more info

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