Tips 26.10 - 06.11

Cover image © Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut

For this Halloween we hope more masks to fall and more truth to come out, no matter how creepy. Other than that, a bloody hell of a party is in order, as per usual this time of the year. Go bold and explore the weird side on any of the given dates below. 



19.00 Martin Kulinna – "Ein Hauch von Ewigkeit" @ Rumänisches Kulturinstitut Berlin

WHY:  Maramures, a secluded valley between the Eastern Carpathians, is often referred to as a living museum in its own country due to the charm of the ethnic diversity, the symbiosis of culture and wild mountain scenery, of tradition and modernity in everyday life. Martin Kulinna visited the Carpathians and photographed touching and atmospheric black-and-white shots which show the special character of the region and its people.

Rumänisches Kulturinstitut Berlin / Reinhardtstr. 14, 10117 Berlin, U Oranienburger Tor / open through 06.12 / more info


19.00 Bodil Nielsen – "Schleier" @ die raum

WHY: "Schleier" (or „Veil“) is a dynamic assemblage of material and immaterial components.With a background in painting, Bodil Nielsen conceives it a picture inhabiting its own space, which is detached from the viewer's. The installation plays with perception and perspective, where colour takes the leading role, creating a perpetual oscillating movement between the optic and the haptic. It invites the viewer not only to a sensorial experience, but also to the decoding of cultural signifiers.

die raum / Oderberger Str. 56, 10435 Berlin, U Eberswalder Str. / open through 07.01 / more info


FRIDAY 27.10

18.00 Fishing for Islands @ Hamburger Bahnhof

WHY: A weekend of oceanic performances, installations and panels of the TBA21 Academy. The program begins on Friday with an experimental "circus" organized by Chus Martínez, followed on Saturday by panels and lectures of artists, curators, academics and other thinkers who deal with the oceanic space. Performative interventions and installations will open up new perspectives on the traditional and mythological dimensions of the seas as well as on infrastructure and migration.

Hamburger Bahnhof / Invalidenstr. 50-51, 10557 Berlin, S Hauptbahnhof / more info


MONDAY 30.10

19.00 Full Spectrum Dominance @ Decad

WHY: The second event in the "Now, How?" series includes a program of films by Louis Henderson, Arjuna Neuman, Jaakko Pallasvuo, and Özgür Kar addressing questions of politics and representation. The screening is followed by a live-video discussion with a journalist on the ways in which news, information, presentation and experience interact. In addition to other topics, the journalist will discuss his own experience writing about the recent spate of hurricanes in the Caribbean and his time working in Barcelona and covering Catalan politics.

Decad / Gneisenaustr. 52, 10961 Berlin, U Südstern / more info



18.00 Cyrill Lachauer - "What Do You Want Here" @ Berlinische Galerie

WHY: Cyrill Lachauer's works derive from lengthy journeys around United States backcountry, and back to his own roots in Upper Bavaria and Berlin. The gaps, quotations and seemingly incidental details in his photographs, films and writings are clues to hidden stories inscribed within landscapes as enduring traces. "What Do You Want Here" is the first exhibition of a cycle produced on the road in the US over the last two years. The linchpin is his film "Dodging Raindrops – A Separate Reality"; it begins in Los Angeles and reconstructs field research trips allegedly undertaken by the controversial ethnologist Carlos Castaneda, who went on to found the New Age movement. 

Berlinische Galerie / Alte Jakobstr. 124 - 128, 10969 Berlin, U Moritzplatz / open through 30.04 / more info


19.00 The Future of Memory @ Scotty

WHY: The Future of Memory, the transnational multi-city interdisciplinary platform for the commemoration of the Holocaust and Porajmos through art and media in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, will present a selection of its exhibitions and programs, its approach and its implementation methodology, in three days in November at the gallery Scotty in Berlin. The program includes exhibition, screenings, discussions, and an interactive card play (register till 31/10 via

Scotty / Oranienstr. 46, 10969 Berlin, U Moritzplatz / open through 04.11 / more info


FRIDAY 03.11

18.00 The Body Is In The Eye @ BERLIN BLUE art

WHY: „The Body Is In The Eye“ is an exhibition of paintings by Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut and Marina Roca Die, with human figure as the focal point. Their images surprise with a fresh take on the subject that combines modernity with a nod to classical paintings. Marina’s figures combine human with animal or plant elements; constantly in motion, building and reshaping. Agata exploits the material and organic aspect of a body reduced to a set of living, pulsating tissues, whose structure resembles fresh, twitching meat.

BERLIN BLUE art / Köpenicker Str. 96, 10179 Berlin, U Heinrich-Heine-Str. / open through 25.11 / more info

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