Tips 24.02 - 07.03

Once again The Oscars shed light on how glamourous appearance works with ridiculous behaviour for the best comical effect. Maybe we should all learn a lesson or two from the greatest and inject a new dose of fun in our social lives that revolve around openings. What better place for looking great and acting funny (or vice versa) than a gallery anyway? Now we just need to find John Travolta of the Berlin art scene.


19.00 Circulation @ NR Projects

WHY: The group exhibition “Circulation” is a survey of moments of interruption, inflation and repetition of various notions and forms of currency in contemporary times. A fundamental organising factor of human behaviour and society throughout history, notions of bartering, exchange and monetary currency have consistently followed the development of humankind, taking on many different forms and guises and circulating as a form of communication in direct relation to the movement of goods and people.

In the frame of the exhibition, a dinner workshop takes place on Friday 27.02 at 19h (email for more info).

NR Projects / Bergstrasse 22, 10115 Berlin, U Rosenthaler Platz – S Nordbahnhof / open through 02.04 / free entry / more info



17.00 Melora Kuhn - “The House of Her Reflection” @ Galerie EIGEN + ART

WHY: The works of Melora Kuhn are a constant observation of people’s experiences with themselves and with society. Kuhn makes use of the pictorial language of mythologies and history, in particular the pictorial forms of 19th-century American art history, from which she isolates individual pictures and places them in a new context. Her interest is in details that are forgotten or elided in the narrative, in order to take a firmly established and well-known story in another direction, and to inscribe a new readability into the personal biographies of the protagonists in her pictures.

Galerie EIGEN + ART / Auguststrasse 26, 10117 Berlin, U Rosenthaler Platz / open through 18.04 / free entry / more info


18.00 Antje Ehmann & Harun Farocki - "Labour in a Single Shot" @ Haus der Kulturen der Welt

WHY: Drawing on the Lumière brothers' "Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory", Antje Ehmann and Harun Farocki initiated workshops in 15 cities worldwide, in which short one¬shot videos on the topic of labor were produced. This exhibition presents these films in associative clusters. The accompanying conference delves into the phenomenon of work and labor in all its multiple global extensions, analyzing ways of filmic concentration and their discursive potentials. One day of commemoration is dedicated to Harun Farocki and his legacy.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt / John¬Foster¬Dulles Allee 10, 10557 Berlin, S+U Brandenburger Tor, Bus 100 / open through 06.04 / more info


FRIDAY 27.02

18.00 Alicja Kwade - "Etwas Abwesendes, dessen Anwesenheit erwartet wurde" @ Johann König, Berlin

WHY: Alicja Kwade’s mixed-media works manipulate mental perceptions and physical experiences of how the body inhabits space and time. Her common materials include items found in everyday life—like coins, metal pipes, mirrors, glass, lights, and bicycles—that she then distorts to create sensory illusions. Her show at Johann König, Berlin is greatly anticipated, as the artist constantly surprises with her original wit.

Johann König, Berlin / Dessauer Str 6-7, 10963 Berlin, U Potsdamer Platz / open through 18.04 / free entry / more info


19.00 Nik Nowak - “The Moment of Turning” @ Cruise & Callas

WHY: Nik Nowak, award winner of the Gasag Kunstpreis 2014 has become a well-known artist with his monumental sound installations and sound objects. For the first time now he is exclusively exhibiting drawings at Cruise & Callas. The works range from large-format aluminum plates that were treated with track vehicles, to light paper works.

Cruise & Callas / Alexandrinenstr. 1, 10969 Berlin, U1 Prinzenstr. / open through 11.04 / free entry / more info



18.00 Dirty Wellness @ L'Atelier-ksr

WHY: Dirty Wellness is a group show curated by Francesca Zedtwitz-Arnim and Liam Tickner. Exploring an aesthetics that is seductive and appealing, the show has a political and commercial agenda: commodifying wellbeing while supposedly being able to soothe our anxieties and mild depressions, to improve our physical and psychological performances. It is a promise of sensual wellbeing to the collective neurotic mind awakened by the objects that surround us.

L'Atelier-ksr / Grossbeerenstr. 34, 10965 Berlin, U Mehringdamm / open through 05.04 / free entry / more info


19.00 Albert Weis – "Rondo" @ Invaliden1

WHY: For his exhibition in Galerie Invaliden1 Albert Weis presented new works that address Hans Scharoun's Philharmonie in Berlin. Under the title rondo installations are overlapped and complemented with photographic and paper-based works. Saturday is the last chance to see the show , and also join the artist talk with Albert Weis and Thibaut de Ruyter, architect, curator and critic.

Invaliden1 Galerie / Schönleinstr. 25, 10967 Berlin, U Schönleinstr. / show open through 28.02 / free entry / more info


FRIDAY 06.03

18.00 *Larsen+* @ DUVE Berlin

WHY: Duve Berlin presents *Larsen+* with sculptures by Sebastien Grégoire and two-dimensional works by Lucas Jardin, produced specially for this exhibition. Both artists investigate the transcendency of imagery mechanisms, exposing in this way brutality, which can be found thematically in the raw force and energy of natural processes or methodically in advertising communication. The Exhibition title *Larsen+* refers to the effect of an audio feedback, a reoccurring technical interference.

DUVE Berlin / Gitschiner Str. 94/94a (Entrance D, 1.5 floor), U Prinzenstrasse, 10969 Berlin / open through 10.04 / free entry / more info



18.00 Tagundnachtgleiche @ alexander levy

WHY: The gallery alexander levy presents new mobiles and mirror works of the sculptor Gereon Krebber. The artist is showing four large-format mobiles, which illustrate the ideal of balance and hang tared in equilibrium. The exhibition enquires about the conflict between floating and heaviness, circuits and weighting, material and reflection, between presence and appearance. It is a quiet choreography of the mirrors and their counterweights, a game of chimera and substrates.

alexander levy / Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26, 10969 Berlin, U6 Kochstr. / open through 25.04 / free entry / more info


18.00 UR @ KLEMM'S

WHY: Following his interest in nature and ideology, the photographic work of Ulrich Gebert retraces the attempts to rebreed the extinct Aurochs, conceptually juxtaposing our projections on nature, culture, and the power of images.

KLEMM'S / Prinzessinnenstr. 29, 10969 Berlin, U Moritzplatz / open through 18.04 / free entry / more info

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