Tips 20.05 - 30.05

Hello spring makeover! Time to give some attention to the galleries spreading their butterfly wings: the newly opened NOME, the renovated Berlinische Galerie, and the soon-to-be relocated Schur-Narula. Apart from the welcomed novelties, a few other exciting things are in the making – we kindly suggest to check them all out.



17.00 Free Books – Free Knowledge: Precarious Tasks #14 mit Koki Tanaka @ Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle

WHY: As a part of Koki Tanaka's "Artist of the Year" exhibition "A Vulnerable Narrator" at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, the artist called on all Deutsche Bank employees to submit books in which utopias and visions of the future social life are discussed. The books were collected continuously at the exhibition, and will be distributed at the gallery in presence of the artist.

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle / Unter den Linden 13/15, 10117 Berlin, U Franzozische Str. / free entry / more info


FRIDAY 22.05

18.00 Paolo Cirio - "Overexposed" @ NOME

WHY: With "Overexposed", a solo show by the conceptual artist Paolo Cirio, the brand new gallery NOME initiates its exhibition program. Cirio's political satire focuses on the era of ubiquitous surveillance and overly-mediated political personae. In the light of the Edward Snowden revelations, Cirio disseminates unauthorized pictures of high-ranking officials responsible for programmes of mass surveillance, or for misleading the public about them in his public interventions. "Overexposed" derides the watchers through pictures that they lost control of, turning the tables on them.

NOME / Dolziger Str.31, 10247 Berlin, U Samariterstr. / open through 20.07 / free entry / more info


19.00 Artist talk w/ Allison Smith @ Decad

WHY: Allison Smith will deliver a lecture on her work which pursues social engagement, crafts and historical reenactment as modes by which to construct national identity. Smith is an American artist based in Oakland where she is a professor at California College of the Arts. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally in institutions such as MoMA PS1, Palais de Tokyo, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Decad / Gneisenaustrasse 52, 10961 Berlin, U Sudstern / free entry / more info


19.00 Outline. Soused. Artists of the Gallery and guests @ Cruise & Callas

WHY: Cruise & Callas represents an interesting mix of emerging and established artists who work with various media. In the next exhibition you will have the chance to get to know all of the represented artists and their work. The group show gathers works by Frauke Boggasch, Annabelle Craven-Jones, Sibylla Dumke, Chris Hammerlein, Stefan Rinck, Dominik Steiner and guests.

Cruise & Callas / Alexandrinenstr. 1. 10969 Berlin, U Prinzenstr. / open through 04.07 / free entry / more info 


19.00 Automatic Poetry Project Performance @ Maniere Noire

WHY: Maniére Noire Gallery and the automatic poetry project organize an evening of performative poetry reading. Everyone joining them will also be able to write his or her poem using on site a mechanical typewriter following the Drill and using exhibition press releases.

Maniére Noire / Waldenserstraße 7a, 10551 Berlin, U Turmstr. / free entry / more info



19.00 The Inclination of the Angle - Finissage @ Junefirst Gallery

WHY: Unexplored landscapes, remote traditions, foreign practices and unfamiliar artifacts... In "The Inclination of the Angle", new positions take place in the perception of otherness within contemporary experience. The exhibition gathers works by the artists Josep Maynou, J.E. Oldendorf, Marco Montiel-Soto, and Raphaël Constant. If you have not had the chance to see the exhibition yet, join the finissage from 19h on, and be there at 20h for Josep Maynou's performance!

Junefirst Gallery / Scharnweberstr 35, 10247 Berlin, U Samariterstr. / free entry / more info



18.00 Tschabalala Self - "Head Over Heels" Finissage + Gallery Relocation Party @ Schur-Narula

WHY: "Head Over Heels" is an exhibition of new works by the NYC-based painter and printmaker Tschabalala Self, which explores the expectations and fantasies projected upon the Othered female body, and examines the voyeuristic tendencies towards the gendered and radicalized body. Come celebrate the closing of this wonderful show, which is also the gallery's last show in Berlin this year before it begins programming in Bangkok in the fall.

Schur-Narula / Berthelsdorfer Str 8 (at Oh Pamela), 12043 Berlin, U Karl-Marx-Str. / free entry / more info



17.00 Ryan Mosley @ Galerie EIGEN + ART

WHY: Motivated by a sense of the carnivalesque, Ryan Mosley’s canvases offer up a surreal world of invented characters and rituals that are simultaneously archaic and futuristic. It is a shifting and morphing world, where reality and fantasy are constantly in flux.
*Artist talk with Ryan Mosley and Ross Chisholm will take place on 29.05 at 19h at EIGEN +ART Lab.

Galerie EIGEN + ART / Auguststrasse 26, 10117 Berlin, U Rosenthaler Platz / open through 04.07 / free entry / more info


19.00 Reopening of the Berlinische Galerie

WHY: The Berlinsiche Galerie is to reopen after renovation work with four exhibitions: "Radically Modern. Urban planning and architecture in 1960s Berlin" – the first detailed overview of the plans and buildings developed in East and West Berlin in the sixties; Björn Dahlem's site-specific installation "Mare Lunaris"; Bernhard Martin's "Fred-Thieler-Preis 2015" show; and "Art in Berlin 1880 - 1980. Works from the collection" with new additions to the collection from the Expressionist painter Benno Berneis and the Berliner Secession group.

Berlinische Galerie / Alte Jakobstrasse 124 - 128, 10969 Berlin, U8 Moritzplatz / more info


FRIDAY 29.05

19.00 Aesthetica – 50 Years of Computer Generated Art @ DAM Gallery

WHY: In this exhibition the DAM Gallery unites the most interesting representatives of the early days of computer-generated art, and juxtaposes them with contemporary works by artists such as Casey Reas, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, and Sommerer & Mignonneau. What they all have in common is the realization of their works with digital drawing instruments, thereby embodying their appreciation for computer-generated art's pioneers.

DAM Gallery / Neue Jakobstraße 6, 10179 Berlin, U Heinrich-Heine-Str. / open through 01.08 / free entry / more info



19.00 BODY / LANGUAGE. Wrestling with gestures and words @ Centrum

WHY: A two-day project focusing on performance as artistic medium. The title reflects the essential components of performative works, and refers to the main means of communication that also constitute our identity: body, language, and body language. What happens if they are wilfully manipulated or distorted, or if there is a lack of knowledge of codes and rituals of a language or a certain cultural sphere so that communication becomes hindered or even completely impossible?

Centrum / Reuterstrasse 7, 12053 Berlin, U Rathaus Neukolln / open through 31.05 / free entry / more info

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