Tips 16.10 - 20.10

While being out of the city we might or might not have missed a lot, but we are happy to be back for a fun arty weekend. Halloween in Berlin already begins in a few days (or does it ever stop?), and if the suit makes a man, then this week you can even become art per se.

FRIDAY 18.10

19.00 Some Ghost Notes @ Scotty Enterprises

WHY: Ghost-notes, or dead-notes are specifically used by drummers and percussionists to give the rhythm more depth and richness. See how the six presented artists from Scotty Enterprises ( Kiki Gebauer, Sigrun Drapatz, Julia Krewani, Mariel Poppe, Annette Sonnewend and Bettina Weiß) associate their work to rhythm; each in a different medium.

Scotty Enterprises / Oranienstrasse 46, Berlin 10969, U8 Moritzplatz /show open through 08.11  / free entry / more info


19.00 "OH HIMMEL, STRAHLENDER AZUR..." @ Pavillon am Milchhof

WHY: "Oh sky, bright azure..." Try repeating it and it may come true. Or go discover the parallel universe in a gallery in Prenzlauer Berg where the sky apparently isn't frosty grey and where this 90 year old sentence by Berthold Brecht connects the works of five artists - Adela Babanova, Stefan Fahrnländer, Juliane Noack, Cyrus Smith and Henrik Schrat - in a group show curated by Peter Lang.

Pavillon am Milchhof / Schwedter Str. 232, 10435 Berlin, U2 Eberswalder Strasse - U8 Bernauer Strasse /show open through 03.11 / free entry / more info


20.00 Rapport; Florian Balze, Bernhard Piffaretti, Bernd Ribbeck, Thommy Stockel @ L40

WHY: Conceived and developed as a collaborative project, the show deals with serial art as an artistic expression.  It explores individual strategies that seek to create through the ranks, repetitions and variations of the same subject, topic or by a system of constant and variable elements or principles an aesthetic effect and content.  In addition to the artworks on display variation, mirror images, and  potentially infinite orders will be explored in music and film. 

L40 / Linienstrasse 40, U2 Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz / show open through 26.10 / free entry / more info


21.00 Maria Chavez / Doron Sadja @ NK Project

WHY: With such an impressive intruduction to the two artists performing at NK, it is hard to ignore the show. If the names such as Pauline Oliveros, Thurston Moore, Lydia Lunch, Phill Niblock and Otomo Yoshihide sit somewhere in your music collection, we highly recommend you to go see what Maria Chavez, improviser, curator and sound artist, and Doron Sadja, a multimedia artist prepared for Friday evening.

NK Project / Elsenstrasse 52, 12059 Berlin, U7 Rathaus Neukolln / more info



14.00 Fried Art Breakfast Party @ Sameheads

WHY: It´s that time of year again, well nearly... If waiting impatiently for a legitimate reason (if you need one at all) to put on some weird outfit - here's a  shortcut to Halloween! Come dressed, adapted or influenced by a famous piece of art. And try to take a pair of dancing shoes and an empty stomach with you. The full English breakfast will be served between 14 - 21h alongside a diverse array of musical specialties.

Sameheads / Richardstrasse 10, 12043 Berlin, U Karl-Marx-Strasse / more info


19.00 Same Same But Different @ Vincenz Sala

WHY: Simple structures, grids and rasters are drawn on paper and directly onto the walls. They are different from the room-filling threads that occupy and barricade the square metres. Everything is very small, even when it is large, and you can lose yourself in imagined spaces. One can discover the unexpected irregularities in the seemingly clear pattern. However, the retelling of Haleh Redjaian's drawings must fail, as does the retelling of a concert. Experiencing them oneself, one senses so much more about the sound of their lines, raster, pattern and grids.

Vincenz Sala / Helmstedter Str.8, Berlin 10717, U Berliner Strasse or Güntzelstrasse / free entry / more info


18.00 ikonoTV: POOL Video Dance Night @ DOCK 11

WHY: For one night, POOL / Internationale TanzFilmPlattform Berlin , DOCK 11 and present an evening of dance videos. The program will highlight international video dance artworks which have featured over the last 7 years of the POOL festival, as well as other quality pieces which showcase a kind of dance and cinematography concoction that you can't experience in a real life dance performance. Join for the whole screening or just pop in to have a glass of wine and watch one or two short videos. While at it, meet the attending artists and other dance & film industry representatives.

DOCK 11 / Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, U Eberswalder Strasse / free entry / more info

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