Tips 16.03 - 27.03

The city is overflowed with beauty and excitement over sunnier days. See what our tips suggest for the first days of Spring and join the wave of good mood in the right place at the right time.



19.00 Ben Peterson - „No Survivors“ @ Rockelmann&

WHY: „No Survivors“, the first European solo exhibition by Ben Peterson, seeks to dissect and discover intersectional threads between the themes of queer identity, sportsmanship, and masculinity. Peterson uses his own history as a closeted gay man growing up in a socially conservative community in rural Michigan to create cathartic video works, sculptures and performance pieces, in the hopes that they will speak to a younger queer community experiencing the same.

Rockelmann& / Schönleinstr. 5, 10967 Berlin, U Schönleinstr. / open through 22.04 / more info


FRIDAY 17.03

18.00 „Thoughts are Things“ - Group Exhibition @ HilbertRaum

WHY: The exhibition „Thoughts are Things“ presents works by Berlin-based artists David Biagiotti, Martin Böttger, Alaric Hobbs, Sunkyung Ji and Marie Weikopf. The exhibition title describes the manifestation of thoughts and the material embodiment of things that were previously shapeless. The span of the work includes sculpture, installation, photography, illustration, and painting.

HilbertRaum / Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin, U Hermannplatz / open through 26.03 / more info


19.00 „Licht“ - Group Exhibition & Performance @ Group Global 3000

WHY: Inspired by the images of UV light / sunlight therapy at the beginning of the 20th century and the representation of light in art history, the performance “Light Department” deals with the different conceptions of light and the paradox of the emergence and emptying of life through light. Group Global 3000 asks the artists about the light today that is affecting us and nature. 19 artists show their positions to the topic with collage, object, installation, photo, painting, graphics, video and performance.

Group Global / Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin, U Kottbusser Tor / open through 12.05 / more info


19.00 Molly Rose Dyson & Shay Yacinton Ariely – „Unrelaxed Behaviour“ @ Das Gift

WHY: The exhibition „Unrelaxed Behaviour“ is an exploration of the nervousness and anxiety that is triggered by the omnipresence of digital social networks in our daily life. Molly Rose Dyson and Shay Yacinton Ariely are both students of Visual Communication at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, and for this exhibition have produced a series of screen prints on fabric and paper.

Das Gift / Donaustr. 119, 12043 Berlin, U Rathaus Neukölln / open through 19.03 / more info



19.00 Agnieszka Rowińska – „Afterimage“ @ SomoS

WHY: SomoS presents the solo exhibition „Afterimage“ by their Artist-in-Residence Agnieszka Rowińska. „Afterimage“ is a large-scale interactive light/painting installation; an ephemeral and mysterious spectacle of appearing and moving shadows, structures, silhouettes and hues. Drawing inspiration from ideas surrounding the spiritual, such as hallucination, vision and epiphany, Agnieszka Rowińska creates images interweaving figuration and abstraction.

SomoS / Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967 Berlin, U Schönleinstr. / open through 25.03 / more info


FRIDAY 24.03

10.00 Deutsche Bank „Artist of the Year” 2017 Kemang Wa Lehulere – „Bird Song“ @ Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle

WHY: Deutsche Bank's new "Artist of the Year" Kemang Wa Lehulere is one of the most important representatives of a new generation of South African artists who work in all different kinds of genres and media in order to develop new artistic perspectives and narrative modes, as well as new forms of political action. Wa Lehulere’s works often have a focus on black South African history, re-looking and re-imagining the archive of narratives relating to black artists, musicians and authors in an attempt to prevent their work and lives from sinking into oblivion.

Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle / Unter den Linden 13/15, 10117 Berlin, U Französische Str. / open through 18.06 / more info


19.00 Josefin Arnell & Natasja Loutchko – „Mamacamp“ @ Uqbar

WHY: The exhibition „Mamacamp“, conceived by EVBG, brings together works by artists Josefin Arnell and Natasja Loutchko. Including video, installation and prints, the works explore how motherhood and mental illness, control, comfort and codependency are intertwined. „Horsegirl“ – a collection of texts and images by various artists and writers – will accompany the exhibition.

Uqbar / Schwedenstr. 16, 13357 Berlin, U Osloer Str. / open through 07.05 / more info



15.00 Delight Festival @ A Space Under Construction

WHY: The Delight Festival is an environmentally-oriented light-art festival promoting sustainable lifestyles through contemporary art, and establishing a new form of communication between eco-institutes, eco-initiatives, and audiences. The three-day festival will include presentations of light-art installations made by multidisciplinary artists from all over Europe, public talks on green politics, sustainable lifestyle and ecology, music projects, films, afterparty, and much more.

A Space Under Construction / Ritterstr. 26, 10969 Berlin, U Moritzplatz / ongoing until 27.03 / more info


19.00 NON論DA多{PLAY} #9: A Matter of Time B @ NON Berlin

WHY: In “A matter of time B”, digital and bodily language mesh to create a dialogue. The point of departure for the performative installation by Chan Sook Choi and Rosabel Huguet is Qi, which understands the origin of life through Chinese and Korean philosophy. In consideration of the rapidly developing technologies for storing and sharing of data, the artists take poetic inspiration to pose pressing questions: How does digital technology influence human nature? Can the digital revolution be reconciled with human autonomy?

NON Berlin / Chausseestr.11 (Entrance Tieckstr.), 10115 Berlin, U Schwartzkopfstr. / more info

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