Tips 10.07 - 13.07

Martin Skauen (performance on 13.07 @ Chert)

Infinite, fetishist,  historical, scientifical, hilarious, flashy and surreal. Follow our tips repertoire for a megamix of events.


19.00 Parasite @ OZEAN

WHY. "The more, the merrier" counts for this exhibition tip. The long list of participating artists (Øystein Aasan, David Edward Allen, Viktoria Binschtok, Max Frisinger, Franziska Furter, Aubrey Heichemer, Maureen Jeram, Joyce Kim, Antonia Low, Caitlin Masley, Florian Neufeldt, Alex Schweder) should get you interested in this group show at OZEAN curated by David Edward Allen and Maureen Jeram.

OZEAN / Schleiermacherstrasse 31, Berlin 10961, U7 Gneisenaustrasse / show open through 11.08 / free / more info



19:30 Transcription of Piero Manzoni’s Infinite line with Sewing Machine with Elena Berriolo @ REH Kunst

WHY: This performance continues Elena Berriolo’s project of reinterpreting canonical works of postwar art and will take place two days before what would have been Piero Manzoni’s eightieth birthday. Berriolo’s Infinite Line will be stitched onto a cloth ribbon as it passes through her sewing machine. At regular intervals, helium-filled balloons will be sewn onto the ribbon without ever interrupting the line. Once the floating line has stretched across the length of the space, it will be cut and members of the audience will be invited to hold the line in their hands, release it to the elements, and let it draw itself up into the infinite.

REH Kunst / Kopenhagener Strasse 17 Berlin 10437, S/U Schönhauser Allee / free entry / more info



WHY: Quite a few artists have been nourishing a fetishist fascination for cars and other fast vehicles, from Man Ray to Helmut Newton, Andy Warhol or Chris Burden, to name a few. BOUM #3 is featuring a sound only art playlist inspired by the poetry of motors, with recordings of performances made with different kind of engines, from cars to a printer. In addition to that, an original sound portrait of Marcus Sendlinger will be presented in the presence of the artist.

P.O.P. / Kleine Präsidentenstrasse157/158, 10178 Berlin, S Hackescher Markt / free entry / more info


FRIDAY 12.07

19.00 Bourgeoisie, Swing and Molotov Cocktails @ Amerika Haus

WHY: If you just can´t get enough of outdoors while the weather is friendly, you might enjoy an open-air exhibition Bourgeoisie, Swing and Molotov Cocktails presented by C/O Berlin, with photography on the theme of Amerika Haus through the ages. Since the building is currently being renovated, open-air is the only way that C/O Berlin will be able to put up a show until the opening, which is planned for spring 2014. The turbulent history of the place guarantees an interesting exhibition with approximately 120 historical and contemporary photographs included.

Amerika Haus / Hardenbergstrasse 22-24, 10623 Berlin, U1/U9 Kürfurstendamm / show open through 15.09 / free / more info



20.00 Urban Flashes IV @ LEAP

WHY: Urban Flashes IV is a four part exhibition series presented by IDOLONSTUDIO and LEAP and curated by WANG Chun-Chi. The last part of the series presents performances and exhibition with works by Emmanuel Madan and Fujui Wang. Utilising light as a structural base, artists Emmanuel Madan and Fujui Wang investigate potential exploitations of our perceptual experience through interventions in architectural space. Although mainly based on the scientific properties of electromagnetism, the show is not intended to be a mere physical demonstration of it, but rather a reflection on the idea that we exist not just as observers but as active participants in complex fields of energy.

LEAP / Karl-Liebknecht-Str.13, Berlin, S & U Alexanderplatz / show open through 17.07 / free entry (donations welcome) / more info


20.00 Role Models - performance by Martin Skauen @ Chert

WHY: Role Models is an evolving group show with performances each Saturday in July. This Saturday Martin Skauen presents Slideshow Johnny, a portrait of an experimental outsider artist. His Strip It Down series of drawings (see here) made us laugh out loud, therefore we expect nothing less from this performance, for which the artist says: "I'm not here to give a performance, I'm here to teach you a lesson!"

Chert / Skalitzerstr. 68, 10997 Berlin, U Schlesisches Tor / free entry / more info


19.30 SANTA SANGRE Film + Ballet & Circus Performances + OPEN AIR @ Cabuwazi

WHY: The Berlin Film Society is resurrecting Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult 1989 film 'Santa Sangre' for a night of surreal extravagance, elaborate ballet and circus performances, and an all-night open air. Each aspect of the event (from the live performances and music to the food and drink on offer) that takes place in an old circus arena will be inspired by the movie, and the guest are also encouraged to go with the flow while dressing up for this evening.

CABUWAZI / Am Postbahnhof 1, 10243 Berlin, S Ostbahnhof / 12€ / more info

19.00 Jodie Carey - Shroud @ Tieranatomisches Theater

WHY: Neue Berliner Räume presents the installation Shroud by British artist Jodie Carey at the Anatomical Theatre in collaboration with Rolando Anselmi Gallery and Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik (Humboldt University of Berlin). Specifically conceived for the Anatomical Theatre, the extensive installation references the culturally significant history of the space as well as its characteristic architecture. Shroud will be the first presentation of contemporary art in the history of the Anatomical Theatre.

Tieranatomisches Theater der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Philippstraße 12/13, Haus 3, 10115 Berlin, U Oranienburger Tor, S Oranienburger Straße  / show open through 27.07 / free entry / more info

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