Tips 08.04 - 20.04

A recent study’s results suggest that looking at art might be just as salubrious as hitting the gym. Challenge accepted! Here is a two-week plan for burning off those excess holiday calories.


17.00 Assaf Gruber – "Citizen in the making" @ EIGEN + ART Lab

WHY: "Citizen in the Making" is the second part of Assaf Gruber's film series "Anonymity of the Night". In addition to his most recent film project, the exhibition shows corresponding sculptures and objects. Gruber's new works are a continuation of his eclectic examination of the relation between moving picture and object, repetition and installation. Through the extension to sculpture and installation, his films go beyond the scope of a solely narrative and cinematic level. The first part of his film series is shown parallel at n.b.k in the exhibition "History is a Warm Gun" until 26.04.

EIGEN + ART Lab / Torstrasse 220, 10117 Berlin, U Oranienburger Tor / open through 25.04 / free entry / more info



19.00 Suspended by Ourselves @ L40

WHY: Group show "Suspended by Ourselves" features works by Famed, Michael Gumhold, Wolfgang Plöger, and Nadim Vardag. It revolves around the idea that everything in our society is utilitarian, and to pursue the useless is hardly possible. Nothing appears to be more frightening than to slow down the hyperactive. Under these circumstances the cliché of a detached, inspired artistic work might be worth preserving, as this notion is the potentiality inherent to passivity.

L40 / Linienstr. 40, 10178 Berlin, U Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz / open through 10.05 / free entry / more info


FRIDAY 10.04

18.00 Feriel Bendjama – "Veils, Horses and Couscous" @ HilbertRaum

WHY: In her latest work, the awarded photographer Feriel Bendjama questions the origin and effect of collective and individual perception. In her playful photographic self-portraits and video works, she explores the topics of cultural and religious identity. Through the visual deconstruction, and the following reinterpretation of clichéd images, she tries to indicate varied perspectives on the Islamic headscarf, with a result that draws attention to the paradoxes of living in traditional bounds.

HilbertRaum / Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin, U Hermannplatz / ongoing until 19.04 / free entry / more info


19.00 The Antimatter Factory @ Scotty Enterprises

WHY: „The Antimatter Factory“ brings together works of three visual artists and a writer, who – just like the application spectrum of antimatter – operate somewhere between fact and fiction, in an area where serious research meets humour and imagination.The artists combine research material from a wide variety of sources (from trivial to high literature, from scientific books and articles to popular science) in order to question our view of the world and understanding of reality and normality.

Scotty Enterprises / Oranienstr. 46, 10969 Berlin, U Moritzplatz / open through 02.05 / free entry / more info



19.30 Cyrus Smith @ Agora

WHY: Agora Pop Up Series presents Cyrus Smith, a visual artist and chef from Canada. Over a number of years he has collected shopping lists, and will now proceed to make a series of dinners out of his collection. For Agora Collective, Smith will create a three-course tasting menu based on a list found here in Berlin with three items on it -- each item will be the theme ingredient for the respective course.
Book a ticket through Eventbrite, or make a reservation at

Agora / Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin, U Leinestr. / more info


MONDAY 13.04

18.00 Projektbar #4: Digitale Kulturplatformen @ Supermarkt

WHY: Projektbar is an informal meeting initiated by the cultural network Wedding Moabit, in which cultural operators meet, exchange, and network in a cozy atmosphere. The theme of the next Projektbar is digital cultural platforms, and the projects to be presented are Ask Helmut, Kulturnetzwerk WeddingMoabit, Creative City Berlin,, aaand *drumroll* BPIGS! So come over and meet us and our new friends.

Supermarkt / Brunnenstr. 64, 13355 Berlin, U Voltastr. / free entry / more info



20.00 Michael Beutler – "Moby Dick" @ Hamburger Bahnhof

WHY: Michael Beutler's installations occupy and transform spaces through sculptural interventions. In this exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof, the artist transforms the venue into a place of continuous production, into a 'museum workshop'. Used simultaneously as a production center and a presentation site, the exhibition venue will be subject to continuous development that museum visitors can take part in, and experience through different phases of its evolution.

Hamburger Bahnhof / Invalidenstr. 50-51, 10557 Berlin, S Hauptbahnhof / open through 06.09 / more info


FRIDAY 17.04

18.00 Neïl Beloufa – Hopes for the Best @ Schinkel Pavillon
Gretchen Bender – Total Recall @ Prinzessinnenpalais

WHY: Schinkel Pavillon's next project are two solo exhibitions in two nearby spaces. At their regular venue, Neïl Beloufa will be showing his kinetic sculpture „Superlatives and Resolution, People Passion, Movement and Life“, as well as some site-specific installative works. Gretchen Bender's „Total Recall“ will be on display at Prinzessinnenpalais. Her monumental 24-monitor multi-projection screen installation „Total Recall“ explores the accelerated image-flow of television and exemplifies Bender’s concept of ‘electronic theatre’.

Schinkel Pavillon / Oberwallstrasse 1, 10117 Berlin, U Hausvogteilplatz / ongoing until 31.05 / free entry / more info
Prinzessinnenpalais / Unter den Linden 5 (access via Oberwallstraße), 10117 Berlin / U Hausvogteilplatz / ongoing until 31.05 / free entry / more info



19.00 Emigrate / Immigrate @ Circle1

WHY: "Emigrate / Immigrate" is a group exhibition presenting works by students and graduates at the Shenkar College in Israel. Israelis see themselves as constant migrants, moving between lands and cultures in perpetuity. Throughout history, art too has provided a platform for migration, generating  movements across cultures, languages, genders, and contexts.The works in this exhibition deal with the wider cultural and personal  implications related to origin, identity, and language as elements that shape the society they live in – essentially an immigrant society.

Circle1 / Mittenwalder str. 47, 10961 Berlin, U Gneisenaustr. / open through 25.04 / free entry / more info


SUNDAY 19.04

16.00 Ursula Nistrup – "Swinging Building" @ die raum

WHY: Ursula Nistrup's project for die raum is a sound installation based on her research into the magical musical pillars of the Vittala temple in the Southern part of India. Nistrup's profound interest in sound and resonating materials will not only transform the 5m2 of die raum – but the entire building in Oderbergerstrasse – into an oscillating musical instrument.

die raum / Oderbergerstrasse 56, 10435 Berlin, U Eberswalder Str. / free entry / more info

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