Tips 05.03 - 08.03

As usual, we highlight a balanced mix of different events and places, from the relatively familiar to completely new, including a contemporary music performance in a planetarium. Bonus tip: give some extra attention to your appearance and styling, because you just might encounter Berlin's most dreaded fashion police at some of the openings this week. 



18.00 Quayola - Captives @ Import Projects

WHY: Quayola’s exhibition explores modes of objecthood that traverse virtual and real space. The exhibition title references the best known of all unfinished sculptures, with the artist’s digitally conditioned representations of Michelangelo’s Prigoni staging a tension between completion and process. Though redeploying historical works, Captives foregrounds a series of contemporary shifts between mathematical and figurative description, situating objecthood upon a continuum lacking a natural beginning or end.

Import Projects / Keithstrasse 10, 10787 Berlin / show open through 12.04 / free entry / more info


19.00 Pausen Bilder 1- 11 ( Finissage) @ OZEAN

WHY: Normally, OZEAN  is closed during wintertime, but this year there was a brand new, weekly changing projection of an artist. Eleven artists were presented in this series, and at the Finissage all of the eleven projections will be shown. It will also be a great opportunity to chatch up with what you might have missed.

OZEAN / Schleiermacherstrasse 31, 10961 Berlin, U Gneisenaustrasse / free / more info


19.00 Sven Marquardt, Donna Ong, Sam Smith, Zsu Szabó, Carla Zaccagnini @ Künstlerhaus Bethanien

WHY: Five artists will be presenting their work this Thursday at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, including one of the most famous people of Berlin, the notorious photographer-slash-doorman Sven Marquardt, who will be showing his portraits made in the nineties, as well as a series made in collaboration with Hugo Boss in 2013. The main curiosity of this exhibition is quite obvious, but do pay attention to the other four artists who all work in different media - from photography and video, to sculpture and object installations.

Künstlerhaus Bethanien / Kottbusser Straße 10, 10999 Berlin, U1/U8 Kottbusser Tor / show open through 30.03 / free entry / more info


20.00 Muted Fanfare for the Shy @ Altes Finanzamt

WHY: The exhibition contains a film from a greenhouse and a film prop of sorts. The prop is made after the shooting and based on an object in the film. Displayed under the same roof this time, but separately in other occasions, both works stem from an interest in how objects gain importance, and sway between their function and their worth. To celebrate this cacophony of leaves, iron and glass, Altes Finanzamt will have a modest cocktail bar variation and a live music performance.

Altes Finanzamt / Schönstedtstr. 7, 12043 Berlin, U7 Rathaus Neukölln / free entry / more info


20.00 Meta Meteo @ Zeiss Grossplanetarium

WHY: Meta Meteo is a contemporary music event designed for the spaces of the Zeiss Grossplanetarium. It is an integral part of Francesco Cavaliere's solo exhibition at Grimmuseum. The Planetarium, with its collection of cosmic icons, light shows and cosmos rama technology, will provide the ideal setting for this unusual audio-visual journey, and for a series of concerts and compositions inspired by the earth’s atmosphere and “forecast by the position of the stars”.

Zeiss Grossplanetarium / Prenzlauer Allee 80, 10405 Berlin, S+U Prenzlauer Allee / €7 (€5 reduced ) / more info


FRIDAY 07.03

18.00 Daniel Mohr – Raetinex @ alexander levy

WHY: In his recent works, Daniel Mohr teases new aspects out of the movement image using only brush and paint, and with his choice of a special pictorial ground. The suggestion of movement in his "common" paintings arises from the fact that vertical stripes break up the motif, which is reminiscent of reflections in offset glass surfaces. What in physical terms is "one" image or the amalgamation of two, becomes an endless number of individual images in the eye of the beholder, a "film" that comes into being in the mind.

alexander levy  / Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26, 10969 Berlin, U6 Kochstrasse / free entry / more info


18.00 Alisa Margolis – The Dissapearance @ Galerie Judin

WHY: Alisa Margo­lis' new paintings mostly draw back upon key moments in her artis­tic devel­op­ment. Much of the work on view stems from a technique of over-paint­ing, in which Margo­lis cre­ates an abs­tract background, or reuses pre­vi­ously abandoned canvases. Her paint­ings rise from simple beginn­ings: flow­ers, the baroque, glam rock, fash­ion mag­a­zine ads, sattelite photos, galaxies, heavy metal, cheerlead­ers, and Dutch van­itas paint­ings, among others. "The Dis­ap­pear­ance“  began, oddly enough, with the images of con­certs by the flamboy­ant heavy metal band Kiss.

Galerie Judin / Potsdamer Strasse 83, 10785 Berlin, U1 Kurfürstenstr. / show open through 19.04 / free entry / more info


19.00 Falke Pisano - Rehearsal I, Take Two: Parts That Do Not Go Together @ PRAXES

WHY: Falke Pisano’s Cycle takes the rehearsal as its starting point, testing how the various parts of a given work series come together, carefully rearranging and recomposing their content and position. The backbone of "Rehearsal I, Take Two“ is "Structure for Repetition (not Representation)". This sculpture of curtains and panels spins a genealogy as it, in turn, interferes with Pisano’s constructed narratives and blocks a spatial overview of the ground floor at PRAXES.

PRAXES / Alexandrinenstrasse 118-121, 10969 Berlin, U Prinzestrasse / show open through 06.04 / free entry / more info


19.00 Rendez-vous: sortie de mon corps @ SAVVY Contemporary

WHY: How do we see fables of the West through our contemporary eyes? How do we feel them through our contemporary bodies? The exhibition "Rendez-vous: sortie de mon corps" positions the idea of a body outside itself, escaped from its own life story. A body is no longer the site of identity, but a terrain equally inhabited by intimacy, familiarity, strangeness, and the unknown.

SAVVY Contemporary / Richardstraße 20, 12043 Berlin, U7 Karl-Marx-Strasse / show open through 12.04 / free entry / more info

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