Tips 04.07 - 07.07

Many of the galleries proclaimed summer break these days, but it didn't affect the exhibition offer that much - we're still bringing you the best of, and not whatever is left. This week we're proud of our tips being perfectly scheduled. Take our word and attend all!



19.00 Episode 2: Sabotage @ insitu

WHY: The new curatorial power trio at insitu continues their program with the second group exhibition "Episode 2: Sabotage". It shows the work of six artists that upset the harmony of an exhibition; some deal with the architectural structure of the exhibition space, while others sabotage in a more subtle way by causing irritation, disorder or threat. This episode aims to alienate our standardized ways of approaching art as well as our environment, and reflects on the concept of the group exhibition as a possible field for sabotage itself. We already appreciate it for sabotaging the dry press release with a simple Beastie Boys quote.

insitu / Kurfürstenstr. 21-22, 10875 Berlin, U1 Kurfürstenstrasse / show open through 02.08 / free entry / more info


19.00 In the Near Future  @ Tanya Leighton

WHY: 'In The Near Future' is a performance-based artwork in which the artist Sharon Hayes stages protest actions in an investigation into the figure of the protester, the speech act of the protest sign and the contemporary political construction of public space and public speech. It is organized into four separate iterations each of which takes place in locations of current or historic public speech or public protest in New York, London, Warsaw, and Vienna. The performance starts at 20h at Tanya Leighton gallery that is across the street from insitu, which makes it a  highly recommended “2 flies with one hit” combo.

Tanya Leighton / Kurfürstenstr. 156, 10875 Berlin, U1 Kurfürstenstrasse show open through 02.08 / free entry / more info


22.00 Dirty Beaches + Friends @ Haus der Berliner Festspiele

WHY: Foreign Affairs festival organisers have been generous with offering some interesting free events that would be a shame to miss. Check out their extensive program of various art happenings and give it a try at least for this 3-day program curated by Dirty Beaches. The band says it's a great opportunity for them to present the various projects they are involved in, as well as to experiment with different improvised line-ups. For the rest of us it`s an opportunity to get to know them and their guest friends better and to enjoy the “melting pot of various sound palettes” they prepared.

Haus der Berliner Festspiele / Schaperstr. 29, 10719 Berlin, U1/U9 Kurfürstendamm / free entry / more info


FRIDAY 05.07

17.00 Kraftwerk 3-D Video-Installation – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  @ Sprüth Magers Berlin

WHY: A word about an event like this spreads fast, especially in a city like Berlin. That said, the event might be a bit overcrowded, but it`s worth trying to get in (early arrival recommended – last entry is at 17h). For those who haven't heard the news: Sprüth Magers presents the first solo exhibition of Kraftwerk in Berlin.  It's a specially designed 3-D video and sound  installation, focusing on the major works Highway, radio-activity, Trans-Europe Express, Man-Machine, Computer World, Techno Pop, The Mix, Tour de France. Unlike their concert appearance, it's going to be a more concentrated presentation of minimalist sounds and images in the spatially tangible 3-D installation.

Sprüth Magers Berlin / Oranienburgerstr. 18, 10178 berlin, S Oranienburgerstr./ Hackescher Markt / show open through 31.08 / free entry / more info


18.00 Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict @ VeneKlasen Werner

WHY: We won't lie about it: the title of the show grabbed our attention so tightly that only extraordinary occurrences will stop us from seeing it. The promising list of the artists at this group exhibition (David Adamo, Manon de Boer, Andrea Büttner, Gerard Byrne, Nicholas Byrne, Aaron Curry, Moyra Davey, Enrico David, Aleana Egan, Koji Enokura, Esther Kläs, Pietro Roccasalva) tells us not to worry about the marketing trick we fell for; we believe it'll pay off anyway.

VeneKlasen Werner / Rudi-Dutschke Strasse 26, 10969 Berlin, U6 Kochstrasse / show open through 14.09 / free entry / more info


19.00 Adapter @ Galerie Axel Obiger

WHY: Adapter is an exhibition of cooperative walldrawings by Gabriele Worgitzki and Jörn Gerstenberg. It is initiated as a cooperative search for artistic compatibility and willingness to compromise. It explores the universal issues of shared work: the pressure not to interfere into the creation of the other person, the possible failures and the chance of disappointment on both sides. It will be intriguing to look at drawings as materialized communication, with all the agreements and disagreements embedded in the tension of its elements.

Galerie Axel Obiger / Brunnenstr. 29, Berlin 10119, U8 Rosenthaler Platz / show open through 03.08 / free entry / more info



20.00 Anton Unai – Asses the Damages @ OPEN WALLS Gallery

WHY: Anton Unai is complimented for personifying the creative philosophy represented by Joseph Beuys’ legacy: a profound belief in the sanctity of spontaneity, the poetry of chaos, and the rejection of traditional academia. Meta-narratives, pop and subculture artifacts, religious iconography and a wide breadth of literary references are all present in his multilayered paintings, as well as allusions to art historical antecedents ranging from Basquiat’s urban poetry to Sir Howard Hodgkin’s abstract paintings as sculptural objects to Jonathan Meese’s theatrical symbolism. Judging by the extensive inspiration, we imagine these hyper loaded pictures to be worth at least a thousand words.

OPEN WALLS Gallery / Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin, U/S Berlin-Wedding / show open through 27.07 / free entry / more info


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