Kettenkarussell / chain carousel

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Concerts, dialogues, live drawing:
An open-air salon in two parts of the artist group "Die Kette"
Tuesday, 15 September 2020, doors: 19:00 h, start: 20:00 h,

Open-air stage at Suicide Club
Bertil Thomas (Live Sets)
Gabriele Gysi & Thomas Götz von Aust (Talk)
Thomas Korn (Conference)
Barbara Morgenstern (Live)
David Maars & Cats On Peacocks (Live)
Reinhard Kleist (Live Drawing)
J. Jackie Baier (Photo Doku)
Leonie Pfeiffer & Louis Peter Meier (Doku Art)

"I just realized that most people are now living the way I always have."
(Facebook post of 23.03.2020 on the Corona lockdown)

Bertil Thomas presents Kettenkarussell ("chain carousel") – and invites again members of the Berlin artist group "Die Kette" to a musical-interdisciplinary salon onto the open-air stage of Suicide Club. The event is open to the public and will be held in strict compliance with the hygiene regulations of the Berlin Senate. Experimental musician Bertil Thomas, who suffers from MS and is in a wheelchair, will present new electronic sound sculptures on the Kaossilator, a touchpad-controlled dynamic phrase synthesizer. Framed in his darkly iridescent live sets, Thomas will host concerts, performances and a dialogical talk format on the salon stage, within which, among other things, the question will be examined, how music is created and distributed in times of the Corona pandemic, and what effects the crisis has on the everyday working lives of Berlin musicians and artists.

This time, among the illustrious guests that Thomas will welcome on his stage are: electro icon Barbara Morgenstern, theater director and actress Gabriele Gysi, cookbook author and conceptual artist Thomas Götz von Aust, visual artist and writer Thomas Korn as conférencier, as well as Parisian painter David Maars with Black Forest singing and talking talent Andreas Schwarz and their cheeky party band Cats On Peacocks. Since this grey-colorful roundelay will only be accessible to a limited live audience due to Corona precautionary measures, Thomas and the members of "Die Kette" have decided to put a special focus on documenting the event in three different artistic media:
On both evenings Reinhard Kleist, Germany's most famous graphic novel artist, will capture the events happening on the salon stage in live drawings; photographer J. Jackie Baier, legendary chronicler of the Berlin underground, will capture the evenings' through the lens of her camera; and last but not least, a team of UdK students around Louis Peter Meier and Leonie Pfeiffer will archive the events on film and edit them into an artistic film documentary.
As the venue for his interdisciplinary rotisserie Thomas, who has been a Berlin resident since the early 1990s, has chosen a location steeped in Berlin post-wall history. In view of "Die Kette's" aspiration to build and expand bridges between high and popular culture, the choice fell on a location that until before the pandemic would have been mostly known to an ecstatic party crowd: Suicide Club, founded in 1994 in Berlin-Mitte and reopened a second time in 2009 on the RAW site, proudly counts itself among Berlin's oldest stillexisting techno clubs.

Suicide Club
Open Air Stage
Revaler Straße 99
(access via Warschauer bridge)
Tickets: only available at the door with a facebook-reservation!

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