B_LA connect

B-LA CONNECT understands itself as an international cultural exchange on a grass roots level. It brings together members of different art spheres and scenes from two cities: Los Angeles and Berlin. In June 2019, 20 art spaces from Los Angeles will exhibit in 22 art spaces from Berlin. The interdisciplinary program includes art exhibitions, film screenings, performances, talks, and more. The following year, in 2020, the Berlin art spaces will travel to LA for a return visit.

Here are the highlights of the first B-LA CONNECT Week in Berlin:


4 pm
EDIBLE performance by Katie Shanks and Stephanie Sherwood at A TRANS Vitrine, U7 Kleistpark

5 pm
Simultaneous Citywide Openings ( see SomoS, Scotty Enterprise) 


11 pm: Exhibition / Concert / Party at panke.gallery and panke.club


10.30 am --- HEAT performance by Miranda J. Friedman at A TRANS Vitrine, U7 Kleistpark

12:00 pm --- Tour 1 • starts at Horse & Pony

08:00 pm --- MICROLOGIES, panel with DXIX at Scharaun


10.30 am --- ROAD TO BERLIN ←→ LOS ANGELES performance Carly Chubak at A TRANS Vitrine, U7 Kleistpark

12 pm --- Tour 2 • starts at LAGEEGAL

8 pm --- The Netzwerk freier Projekträume presents: Between the Fault Lines: a panel discussion about Artwashing/Gentrification and Urban Renewal
Survival mode: Strategies for creative urban existence panel discussion with LA art initiatives and the Netzwerk freier Projekträume *the evening is moderated by Jan Kage at ACUD MACHT NEU


10.30 am --- RICE sculpture performance by Tu Nguyen at A TRANS Vitrine, U7 Kleistpark

12 pm --- Tour 3 • starts at Wolf & Galentz

7 pm --- Video Art Screening at ACUD Kino

9 pm --- Q & A with artists and curators, moderated by Franz Reimer and Clemens Wilhelm


2 pm --- RITE performance by Katie Shanks at A TRANS Vitrine, U7 Kleistpark

4 pm --- Live at Cashmere Radio

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