DIY: Flower–Empower with Bloomon

2016 has been a lot of things, but if anything, I have discovered a way to keep all the negatives at bay. The year of BREXIT, Trump and refugee crisis – was my “Year of the Plant”. Starting in Spring, after teaming up with the lovely people from ACUD, I immersed myself in urban gardening, then ecology, and finally plant-based art.

According to our friends at Sleek – I’m late to the party. In their recent article, “Why Are Artists So Obsessed with Plants“, the author Will Furtado claims, what I have come to think myself, that “the plant has once more become a universal signifier of everything that’s good.” And while artists like Camille Henrot are creating elaborate artworks by using plants, the less talented of us can, even if only for a short time, feel the thrill of making something beautiful by attending Bloomon’s weekly workshops.



The organizers of the workshop are the owners of a blooming curated flower delivery company that has created a new way of providing little pleasures to their customers. The company’s noble aim is to fight rain, stress and gray routine of life by exposing you daily to the simple beauty of a vibrantly colored fragrant bouquet of freshly cut flowers. All you have to do is sign up to the service and wait for your weekly batch of carefully chosen and arranged beauties.

In order to experience the gratifying pleasure of owning a personal bouquet you might want to attend the workshop where, in an oasis of after-work peace, you can make your own ikebana arrangement from an amazing array of thematically chosen fresh flowers.



In the 90-minute course you will, from a passionate florist with a patient voice of a teacher, learn how to approach life in a tactile, offline and thankful way, while peacefully re-arranging nature’s most beautiful in a unique DIY bouquet. Ranging from practical information of how to properly cut and prepare the flowers to useful tips and tricks on how to balance and stabilize the creation’s form, and with advice on prolonging the life span of the cut plants, the workshop is half a crash course in floristry and half a meditation in which you learn to deeply appreciate something as simple as flower arrangement. You get to keep the flowers and the world seems OK for as long as your creation lasts – which Bloomon assures us is 10 to 14 days.

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Find more info on the workshops and the flower delivery service at Bloomon's website

Text and pictures by Aleksandra Poljanec

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