All I Want For Christmas

Dear Santa, socks are cool, but if we could choose one thing we want to see under the Christmas tree, it would be an unaffordable piece of art, of course. This year we saw way more of those than we could even remember, but some are still haunting us in our sweetest daydreams. So here you go. From the top of our wishlists and the bottom of our hearts,


the bpigs team.

Dear Santa, you know the greedy kids who eat all the Christmas calender chocolates at once? Guilty as charged. Knowing that, you might expect from me to cheat and ask for something like a favorite piece from each show I visited this year, but there is actually just this one thing that left a trail of permanent Sehnsucht. Nothing I have seen this year compares - nothing shook me so profoundly as "A day in the life of bliss", the video installation by Wu Tsang at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi during the Gallery Weekend. 
If that does not work , maybe you could ask Katharina Grosse to spray some paint around my flat...?

Many thanks,

- Adela
All I want for Christmas would be this (or any of the amazingly-gorgeous wall pieces) "Untitled 2" work from Lisa Lapinski’s whimsical solo show ‘Captain Hook at Eton’ at Johann König, Berlin from the spring of 2014. Please Santa, if you really do exist, and you actually care about me… I mean I have been pretty good. I will hold my breath until I get one. I want to be initiated by the semiotic world, and having one of these on my wall is a good start. I have already adopted a cognitive dissonance in order to deal with the potential reality of such a magnificent piece of artwork appearing under my scrawny needleless Weihnachtsbaum. Santa, seriously, I made cookies. We don’t have a chimney or fireplace, but just buzz Smith when you get here.


- Cyrus


All I want for Christmas is "Prop2" from "The Things ?" Series by Marguerite Humeau, that is, an air cannon that shoots a cloud of black powder. First : it would remind me of the oppressive and gloomy atmosphere which the artist created at Import Projects earlier this year – and which I really enjoyed. Second : this device has GREAT party potential, and that is basically something any decent host should have, just to set the mood... (if a vaccuum cleaner could be provided, that would be wonderful)

Thank you,

- Lisa
All I want for Christmas is all I ever want - books. There is something magical about owning a book. Even in this digital age, a solid piece of physical information is irreplaceable. After visiting the recent "Friends with Books" art book festival at Cafe Moskau, and seeing what all the young and creative curators, designers, artists, poets, and book lovers were doing, I felt an incredible urge to rent a bigger room, buy some shelves, and start piling new books. So in case you want to buy me a present, go for books because that's giving knowledge, experience, and art all at once.

- Aleksandra

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