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In summer 2010 we started a blog feature highlighting the very different protagonists of the most current and independent projects of the Berlin art scene. Through a handful of interviews, we got to introduce to some of our Bpigs spaces as well as other special guests.

On some occasions we conducted group interviews, like we did with the team of Grimmuseum or the class of 12' of Goldrausch Künstlerinnen Program.

Anna-Catharina Gebbers received us at Bibliothekswohnung. We had a really fine time with Susanne Prinz at the L40 house overlooking Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. We met Rolando Anselmi and his assistant Stefania Facco for an espresso and a talk. We anticipated the fears of Berlin Biennale 7 with an exclusive interview with Joanna Waszra.

Some Have You Mets make us really nostalgic in retrospect, when we think about some people or projects who are not in Berlin anymore, like Suvi Lehtinen's, one of the smartest galleries that Mitte have seen. But sehnsucht is nevertheless something positive when we look backwards to remember the good days of Appartement and its protagonists. And we can always let ourselves be inspired by projects such as the nomadic Kreuzberg Pavillon or one of the spaces recently awarded by the Berlin Senate Office of Cultural Affairs, Art Laboratory.

I could be wrong, but we are certain that you already met them all. However, second introductions are always well intentioned.

Have you met...

Alexander and Yen of Pampero Colectivo
picture by Trevor Good


Rolando Anselmi of Galerie Rolando Anselmi (former Galleria Delloro)
picture by Laura Gianetti


Joanna Warsza, associate curator of the 7. Berlin Biennale
picture courtesy of Joanna Waszra


Suvi Lehtinen of Galerie Suvi Lehtinen Berlin


John McKiernan, Daniel Franke, and Kai Kreuzmüller of Leap


Anna-Catharina Gebbers of Kunstbibliothek



Christian de Lutz and Regine Rapp of Art Laboratory Berlin
picture courtesy of Art Laboratory


Christiane Grüß of 7hours
picture by Hilarion Manero


The Grim Team
picture courtesy of the Grimmuseum


Susanne Prinz of L40


Heiko Pfreundt of Kreuzberg Pavillon

We all grow and eventually get bigger, therefore, our Bpigs Team is now preparing How did I do it, a new series of interviews with some of the most interesting personalities from the Berlin art scene.

Stay tuned, 2013 will be loaded with new exciting features.

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