Artist contribution: Nicolas Pelzer

Nicolas Pelzer in his studio
Text and pictures by Lisa Kosak

Twice a year, Bpigs goes all-digital, and so do the B-Sides. We are happy to present you “Hypnosis”, Nicolas Pelzer's artistic contribution for our July / August online issue. The Berlin-based artist is mostly working with new media and digital technology transposed on material objects – but not this time.

We had a quick chat with Nicolas about his artistic contribution for Bpigs, as well as what he is currently working on. Read on...

Can you tell us a bit more about your work Hypnosis?

I wanted to create a very simple work for this project. The theme of the hypnosis really came up as I was thinking about a work for this context, and the pendulum, an object constantly moving from left to right, seemed like the perfect shape to embody that idea. Hypnosis is a conscious state in which you are extremely focused, and I wanted to provoke this state on a web-platform, I liked to create something that would make people stop and forget what they intended to do when they entered Bpigs in the first place.

Usually you are realising “physical works”, how was it to work on an online-based project?

Not so different to the usual I have to admit. Indeed, even though my works are mainly physical, recently my main tool is the computer. I am working a lot with different types of software to develop my work, so it was not that difficult to create a work meant to remain online.

And how does Hypnosis relate to your physical works?

I have to say I don't know yet. However, it would be exciting to create a physical piece that also has hypnotic purposes. On the other hand, hypnosis is all about blocking the physical environment around you. That is exactly what I wanted to achieve with this work, and this functions completely opposite in the way my physical works do.

What are you currently working on? Any exhibition upcoming?
I am currently working on a solo show in Seoul, South Korea. The exhibition space is divided in two floors, and the central work of this show will strongly interfere with the huge window section on the ground floor. There I am planning to work with immersive elements such as digital prints on transparent vinyl film that will merge with the real world outside. I travel to South Korea quite often, I have had residencies and research projects there. It is of course a country where technology is very present in everyday life and it interests me how artists are dealing with this influence. Over the years it became very meaningful for me to be there and do my work.
Anything else you would like to add?
Yes actually... I am also currently working on this installation (cf. picture) that mainly consists of digital prints on fabric. The image material comes from pictures of cave paintings from different parts of the world. I like to find the sources for my work on the internet also because of its complex relationship between network and territory. It finally interests me to translate these found sources into objects and confront them with a real physical environment. I also find these negative hand paintings, the one of the first pieces of art, really fascinating. We do not know much about it, in fact there are different interpretations existing and I think due to this unclear state they somehow appear very beautiful to me.
If you missed the video or if you want to see it again, click here:

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