April 2014

  • by Nathan M., 25 Apr 2014
    Faced with a too-big apartment for the two of them, Hannes Schroeder-Finckh of Sprueth Magers and NickKoenigsknecht of Peres Project did what came naturally: turned it into an art space. The result is Open Forum (formerly, the eponymous KSF Project Space), and the duo are ready to debut Berlin-based Steffen Bunte...
  • by Sarah Brophy, 23 Apr 2014
    In this new series bpigs will highlight artists and their work in progress just before their openings. An insider's scoop to an artist studio practise and the many many irrelevant thoughts that go through one's mind before the proverbial 15 minutes of fame. Artist-to-artist, Berliner-to-Berliner - these are...
  • by Nathan M., 3 Apr 2014
    The artist-run space Invaliden1 is now almost ten years old. The collaborative product of 6 artists which started in 2005 in an atelier in Invaliden Strasse, found its final location in a bright gallery space in Schönleinstrasse, in the blossoming area of Kreuzkölln. Currently it is under the direction of...

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