The Interns Diary (part 7)

personal crisis at Rosa Luxemburg Platz

Dear Diary,

A quote from Willem the Kooning on the front of the building of my school says, "You have to change to stay the same", quite inspiring for an art academy but not only for an art academy.
Bpigs is growing… every week we get more and more people who subscribe to the newsletter… more galleries are taking part.. more people get to know Bpigs… It means that people love what we are doing, but we have to grow to stay the same. So it's okay that the website is currently a mess because we are changing it.  We have to grow to become better.. changing is good, but I hate the website being a mess…

Thursday I had a meeting with Stephanie Hanna at her exhibition space in Neukölln to write a review about the exhibition… Winter started and Neukölln seems even more far away from Mitte than ever. The meeting with Stephanie Hanna was nice. That's the thing with artists, they are so inspired and passionate about what they do that you can not help but be inspired and passionate after talking with them… even if you don't know what to be passionate about.

On Friday I was so lucky to visit Perla Montelonga at Node Center for Curational Studies, I wantwantwant to do this.. but when? After my graduation or before? At least it means that I have a good reason to come back to Berlin to have a residency at Node and work together in a team to organize exhibitions, meet artists and have workshops about all things I find interesting…  sounds perfect to me. But there is this question again… will I ever leave Berlin?

I visited Kunstquartier Bethanien at Mariannenplatz Friday evening… What happened? Was this art? What were all these colors about? This fabrics, these dolls and what was this person telling me in that video. I didn't like it.
Sarie… please read the info first…
Aaah it's about Gypsies…  now I understand. I think I like it.

Sunday: Waking up early to go to the Berghain and turn on my dancing shoes… this was not a good idea… not for this
Sunday… it was sunny Sunday and I couldn't find my dancing shoes... I stayed in bed...


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