The Interns Diary

For only one week Sarie is living in Berlin. Moved from Rotterdam to do her internship at Bpigs and Atelierhof Kreuzberg. For three years she's studying Lifestyle & Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. For Bpigs she's writing a diary about her life and happenings in Berlin.

Berlin, why Berlin?​
Why Berlin instead of any other place in the world? Why go abroad in the first place when you love the city you live in, when you are having a good time. Why look for better if you when you do not even know if you will find it? It seems that Berlin never takes a break, never slows down. Always moves forward, never sits still, always compares, always considers…

 I think it’s tiring but also inspiring, it seems nothing is ever good enough…
There are so many, many, many artists, galleries, museums and other creative events in Berlin. Especially this week. This week was like an exploding bomb of openings and art events…

 I went to Preview and just didn’t know where to start. How to judge, how to compare as there were so many things to compare with. I went with a friend from Holland and at every path we choose to go left or right. Depending on the power of attraction of the galleries stand, because we just couldn't visit everything (maybe it's because we arrived at 21:30). I saw great work and photographed a few of them. I was so busy enjoying the art that I forget to write down all the artists names (sorry for that). At this moment I believe it is the task of the curator, gallery holder or organizer to discover the right quality. To feel the thoughts of the audience and recognize the feelings, emotions and adapt to it. To make the right selection.


Samuel Salcedo - Talent Show (Polychrome polyurethane resin) by 3 Punts Galeria Barcelona
// Ulrike Buck - Isis Pendel (Ash wood, blackboard paint) at Artary Galerie, Stuttgart
 At Preview I met this great artist Dan Raul Pintea. He told me about his artwork. How it shows you his universe.  In a projected circle of lights Pintea connects small ink on board paintings about his life.  We all have our own universes and every person or art piece you meet becomes a part of your universe. It depends on the influence it has on you how big it will be in your universe. For artists it’s hard to find the right way to attract the audience so their art will become a part of their audience universe.


Dan Raul Pintea - Mindstream (ink on board), Anca Poterasu Gallery Bucharest

Besides Dan Raul Pintea's work I liked the work of Samuel Salcedo, it is funny and attractive. At the Artary Galerie, who exposed Ulrike Buck there was this great, fantastic, amazing floor of broken glass. I still don't know if they have done it on purpose but as said it looks great. It had a kind of vulnerbility which maked it scared to enter the space. In my opinion one of the most well acclomplished art was the piece called Battlefield of Nikolaus Eberstaller. It's so simple, directly and attractive that I putted it on the head of the blog. The art is made from painted aluminum plate with war toys.
I am not an artist, but like to see what’s happening from a distance. To make connections, to see what’s important and what’s not. At this moment I’d like my universe to get bigger, to grow so I can compare, consider and keep looking for better. Because from the moment I have moved to Berlin I just can’t sit still any more...


David Edward Allen at XYZ, about understanding, Atelierhof Kreuzberg
// 52.5293°N, 13.3964°E at Substitut

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