In the last month, between Christmas, New Years, friends visiting, changing jobs and the chaos of moving I cherished the precious time spent for visiting some of Berlin's galleries, events and exhibitions.

Often dragging people to accompany me to the new show opening or an old one closing. With a bargain and a promise of a beer after, ever struggling to explain where exactly we are going. At some point it occurred to me that all galleries are just empty rooms.

Like the name of the recently closed exhibition at Kunsthaus Kreuzberg Bethanien suggests, a skeptic would say, all exhibitions are more or less „Objects in a room“.

But a good gallery is more than a room full of art or noisy people on opening night. To an architect or a curator it is the equivalent of an empty canvas to a painter. A writer's blank page.  A playground.

No matter how different and sometimes un comparable some spaces are (Platoon Kunsthalle vs. Konzulát ), their architecture serves one purpose - to exhibit art. It stays in the background, but is likewise inseparable from the way we perceive an art piece. Present in the background, either of our perception or the instagrams we post.



Each gallery or event space is unique, each has a special something, a soul, to remember it by. For me it is often the detail that reminds me of a place, even long after the exhibition is over.

Maybe its the majestic staircase of the Galerie EIGEN + ART, or the windows at CFA,  the maze of Johann König, Berlin or the way fences were used to separate space at yesterday opened Transmediale in HKW. In each case it is something not related to the art, but to the space that surrounds it.

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