Intern's Diary #6: Where's Waldo Art Edition

There are a few things you get used to while being an intern…

-Working for free... Because who has money? (Not interns…)
-Minimal direction... I was trained by Adela on a need-to-know basis, which I thought was a pretty effective strategy. Old interns train baby interns! Learn from experience! Little did I know (until our editorial meeting yesterday…), I have been writing my WDIM posts completely wrong up to this point.
-“Who is that? They’re famous? I think?”...I hope Despina is used to my head turning sideways as she lists off artists I should know by now—maybe my minor in Art History is an overstatement of how much I know about the Berlin contemporary art scene.

Interning at Bpigs is a lot like visiting a friend at a university in a different city, and being shown around a house party on a Friday night: everyone forgets you don’t know who the f*** they’re talking about. I’ve been thinking a lot about making flashcards to help me out. Maybe armed with a visual "Who's Who" guide, I'd be more functional as an intern. Or I could do what I did at unfamiliar house parties, and drink wine in a corner until someone introduces themselves to me on the pretense that I am “dark and mysterious” (I am neither).

That’s where my idea of “Where’s Waldo: Art Edition” came from. The premise was simple: show a series of photographs from an opening and see if viewers could identify the key players. It’s a summary of my intern’s experience, in a way—“Who is that? Are they famous? Should I know them? DO I know them?” Here’s the first round—

Can you find John Baldessari in this photo from the Michael Janssen opening party last month? If you couldn’t, maybe you could at least find him here:

Maybe that was too hard. Let's try again: can you spot Marco Montiel-Soto in these photographs from his opening at Kinderhook & Caracas?

I’m not 100% sure, but according to some Google image searches, I believe that the artist is the one in the black sweater, scarf, and glasses in the second image. If you guessed that it was him, you might be correct! Or you might not be; it’s a bit hard to tell... Whoops.

I really like three-part lists with three examples proving a point, but I’m pretty sure I’ve embarrassed myself enough for the week with just two. All that I know is that I'm not in the know. Maybe this game was successful! Maybe now you feel as confused as I do at openings as I scan the crowd, trying to find someone who looks like the vague picture in the artist bio I read before showing up to the gallery! Or maybe you are just confused as to how I got this internship to begin with. Believe me, you're not the only one wondering...  If you need me, I’ll be making flashcards/voodoo dolls in my room…

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