Interns Diary

May 2016

  • by Laura Bianchessi, 11 May 2016
    Something big and warm has been shining in the sky for quite a while now. Since it seems it is going to leave us soon, let’s celebrate it with another colour! May 13: YELLOW Wall Chandelier - Diango Hernández @Galerie Barbara Thumm I admit it, I am kind of a meteoropathic, that yellow burning...
  • by Laura Bianchessi, 7 May 2016
    It is finally springtime!! Look outside your window or lift your head from your smartphone, it is sunny in Berlin and the nature is alive again! May 6: GREEN Floating Green - Roman Verostko @DAM Gallery Looks like we have finally left winter behind our backs…and what is the color of life and spring??...

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